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Horizontal Blinds for Sliding Glass Door

horizontal blinds for sliding glass door

Determining or choosing a glass door cover is quite confusing for any homeowner who wants the glass door to work optimally. One of the most popular sliding glass door covers used is horizontal blinds. Blinds can work as a good dealer of sunlight during the day to make the need for lighting in a room sufficient and more cost-effective electricity or to limit the range of vision from the inside out of the house in the evenings. For homeowners who have a beach house or large backyard, large sliding glass doors can have other functions as a barrier without restricting sight. But sometimes, the scorching sunlight when it passes through sliding glass doors and entering the room will make the air inside becomes hot. By using horizontal blinds for sliding glass door, the sunlight during the day and views from outside the room will be easier to control.

Roller Blinds

The shape of roller blinds is similar to roman blind/shade. When the blinds are opened, it will be rolled upwards instead of folded. There are two ways to raise and lower the position of roller blinds. The first way is to use the spring by pulling the fabric down and the second way is to use a chain with a spring system that is operated by pulling a chain placed on the right or left side of the roller blind.  Materials commonly used to make roller blinds include fabric, fiber, polyester, and PVC. Each type of material has variations based on texture, color, design, and decoration. These blinds can be used as a sliding glass door cover in your home. The simple shape is perfect also to be installed on windows. You can find and buy roller blinds sold per square meter.

Roman Blinds

The shape of roman blinds is slightly different than other blinds. When it is opened, it will form overlapping folds. To open and close it, the roman blinds require a special rail (hanging place) that also functions to control the control strap. The materials are commonly used for romance blind is a lightweight cloth such as cotton, linen, satin to silk. Roman blinds are available in many soft and modern designs. You will find roman blinds with various motifs such as flowers, abstracts, and plain colors. For a different look, roman blinds can be mounted on your sliding glass doors that have single or double doors.

You should not hesitate to install blinds on your sliding glass doors. Its different form will make the look of your room to be interesting. The materials used are varied and lighter than curtains. But before you install any type of blinds, be sure to always communicate with the expert in order for you to get a satisfactory result. Measuring the width and height of sliding glass doors to obtain a precise size will also determine the desired result. In addition, another important factor is to determine the theme of your room with the type of blinds will be installed. The motives that do not fit the theme or furniture in the room will actually be able to damage the mood of the room itself.


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