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Horizontal Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

horizontal blinds for sliding glass doors

Blinds have a simple shape without much decoration and very practical use. From the form of blinds, there are generally two types of blinds namely horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. Strips on vertical blinds are arranged vertically and move (open-close) to the left and right side. While horizontal blinds are the opposite of being arranged horizontally or flat and when you open or close the blinds, it will move up and down. Many of us encounter blinds used for glass window coverings. However, blinds also can actually be used as a cover for sliding glass doors. What distinguishes is the size of the blinds because of course the door size is higher and larger than the window.

The blinds material was originally made of bamboo strips (commonly used on roller blinds). However, as the growing interest of consumers, now the factory also innovate using cloth, aluminum, polyester, wood to other materials that can withstand weather and curvature. Not only that, you can also choose the type of material depending on its resistance to sunlight, such as blackout material, where sunlight cannot penetrate into the room or standard materials where sunlight can still penetrate. In terms of motives, there are a variety of motive options that you can choose, ranging from luxury, classic, minimalist, elegant motifs, and so forth.

Initially, horizontal blinds were mostly used in commercial buildings, such as office buildings or other public areas. Now with the increasing demands of a practical lifestyle, homeowners start using horizontal blinds for sliding glass doors. In addition, this type of blinds is suitable for doors that are wide and high. Actually, the horizontal blinds function on the glass door of the house is the same as the curtain that is to regulate the sunlight and direct it in order to enter the room. However, what distinguishes the horizontal blinds is more practical in operation and maintenance, looks lighter and simpler. A wide selection of color and texture materials make horizontal blinds can meet the needs of homeowners, whether the need for privacy, solar thermal reduction or the need to build a room atmosphere.

By use, horizontal blinds are opened or closed by sliding them with the help of a rope. There are two ways of setting horizontal blinds that are using a strap to slide the bar up and down or a chain to rotate each bar horizontally. There are many options of horizontal blinds that you can choose in terms of color, horizontal blinds dominated with neutral colors like white, brown or beige. You can still choose other colors and of course still be adjusted to the design also the concept of the room and the size of sliding glass doors are owned.

Generally, horizontal blinds are equipped with a treatment that matches the character of the material so that the dust is not attached, the liquid is not easily absorbed and the other. Another advantage is that horizontal blinds do not need to be washed like curtains and just simply cleaned using a vacuum cleaner or wiped with a dry cloth.


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