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Horizontal Blinds for Sliding Patio Doors

horizontal blinds for sliding patio doors

Horizontal blinds are one of the types of blinds that can be opened by pulling a rope down and closing by stretching a rope up. Horizontal blinds have a form of horizontal folds that gives a simpler impression than curtains. Materials on horizontal blinds are diverse, including vinyl, plastic, and aluminum. However, there are also blinds made from natural materials such as bamboo and wood. In addition to functioning to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters the house, natural blinds can also give a warm feel to the room.

Along with the advances in home improvement technology and the rapid development of blinds, the technique of open-close blinds is not only with manual pull techniques but also an automatic lock system. We often see horizontal blinds used as window coverings. But now, blinds can also be used on sliding patio doors. There are various kinds of horizontal blinds for sliding patio doors, such as roman blinds and roller blinds. Read on to know more about the various horizontal blinds.

  • Roman Blinds

When it is pulled it will form an upward crease. The resulting fold is wide enough but elegant. In every crease, there is a ballast of iron or wood. These blinds are usually made of woven fabric and calico. This type of blinds is suitable for minimalist and modern style interior. Roman blinds not only present in plain colors but also available in a variety of patterns. These blinds are very suitable to be installed on your sliding patio door and it will add aesthetic value to your door. To operate romance blinds is very easy, you can choose two operating systems manually; chain system or cord system.

  • Roller Blinds

In contrast to horizontal blinds, the roller blinds are not horizontal-fin shaped but they form one whole material which when it is pulled down will cover the patio doors horizontally. Its display that covers the door closely is its advantage. These blinds are made of several types of materials such as transparent, semi-transparent, and blackout fabric. Roller blinds are available in a variety of colors, such as white, gray, bright colors to the pattern. Now, also present roller blinds are opened and closed with electrical systems using the remote.

Benefits of using horizontal blinds in the room:

When summer comes, blinds can help reduce the heat coming into the room. Blackout blinds can cover your sliding glass doors so that light and heat from the sun will be perfectly blocked from entering the room. The presence of horizontal blinds fit together with the design of any room, such as room-style minimalist to modern. Due to the varied choices, horizontal blinds can blend together with various accents and furniture indoors. Another benefit of horizontal blinds is in its installation. For manual manifold blinds, you just have to install the bracket and attach it to the door. As for more sophisticated blinds, you only need to connect the cable and turn on the remote control function of the horizontal blinds.


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