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Light Grey Wood Floors

Light Grey Wood Floors

Currently gray is the third neutral color after black and white. Gray is the right color for any atmosphere and needs, including your dwelling. Do not hesitate to use gray because the gray is not always gray. With the right blend of color, lighting, and design selection, the gray color can also look fresh, bright, trendy, modern, and even feminine. In addition, using gray color for your wood floors area, you can also create elegant gray shades on some spots in your home. To make no mistake in using the color of gray, consider the following tips and inspiration.

  • Stunning Light Grey Wood Floors

The floor is indeed one part of the house that is large enough. However, the gray floor will not stand out or dominate as it is a neutral color. If you want the gray floor at home look stand out, make a mosaic floor from the pieces of tiles that make up certain motives. You can also use two colors of tiles that are combined alternately. Pale floors such as white or light gray can reflect the light around the room and make the room look brighter. To get the maximum light, paint the door with the same color with the floor and wall to match.

  • Grey Walls

For you who love the simple elegant design, minimalist house with limited space will not prevent you from creating the ideal minimalist family room. To make it happen, you can start from the wall. Give a firm curve to the shape of the wall and add a barrier between the wall and the floor. Then, apply a monochromatic color combination. Use white, ivory, or light gray on the walls. Then combine with dark colors like black and gray as the highlight in the room.

As a part of the house that dominates, the selection of wall color should not be too dark, because it will make the room seems narrow. Choose a bright gray color with a matte or semi-gloss style, depending on the concept of your room. The matte style later becomes a trend again, while the semi-glossy style suitable for European classical style house. Choose a bright gray color with sufficient natural lighting. Dark gray color can be an alternative as an accent wall on one side, but not dominate.

  • Dark Grey Ceiling

The dark ceiling will make the room feel taller, while the bright colored ceiling will make the room feel more spacious. Choose a light gray to suit your room needs if you want to make this color as the color of the ceiling.

  • Grey Furniture

Wooden furniture can use both matte and glossy gray paint. Matte gray is perfect for shabby chic, vintage, Scandinavian home, or mid-century spaces. But if your house is ethnic, classic, and industrial style, you should use wood furniture in glossy gray.

  • Gray Accessories

Home accessories can be a cushion, pouf, bean bag chair, wall art, wall sticker, sculpture, and many more. If you want your home filled with gray ornaments without looking boring and too dominate, then choose this gray home accessory with a few other color combinations. For wall color and furniture, choose a neutral just like ordinary wood color or white.

Because gray is a neutral color, it is suitable for all interior and exterior styles, including traditional ethnic houses and natural themes. It depends on how you combine it and choose other components in home decor.


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