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Linoleum Flooring that Looks Like Wood

linoleum flooring that looks like wood

There are many excellent product offerings that can be chosen as the need for convenient occupancy, including flooring. There are marble floors, ceramic, natural stone, parquet to simple plaster floor. But, amongst all that, there is one best solution for your residential floor coverings. It is linoleum flooring. Forbo Linoleum is one of the environmentally-friendly alternative materials because it is made from residual materials which are then recycled. Its appearance is almost the same as vinyl, but it is not actually. Vinyl is made from PVC or unnatural plastics, while linoleum is made from a mixture of linseed oil and wood flour or cork powder so it is more environmentally-friendly.

Choice, Type, and Color

There are three types of linoleum available in the market namely Marmoleum, Artoleum, and Walton. The difference lies in the motifs and colors. Marmoleum derived from the word marble so that the motif resembles marble and natural stone. Then, artoleum further highlight the plain motifs, crocodile skin, and cloud spots. While, walton is a type of linoleum flooring that looks like wood with a contemporary design look.

The Advantages

  1. Linoleum is an environmentally-friendly coating because it can be recycled and easily decomposed. In addition to easily recycled, also does not damage the nature because it does not increase the use of wood. Linoleum has elastic properties, so it is easy to install. This elastic material is also anti-termite, so it is more durable than porous parquet floor.
  2. This popular material in Europe and US has a thickness of less than 5mm and a length of 32 meters per roll. In addition to environmentally friendly, linoleum is also fireproof, waterproof and easy to clean, so the treatment is not difficult and expensive.
  3. Linoleum has been widely used to coat the hospital floor. This is due to the linoleum liner permanently has anti-bacteria properties (of course as long as the floor is clean) that endanger health.

The Disadvantages

  1. Linoleum is susceptible to the friction of sharp objects. Keep the table legs, chairs, and other furniture that touches the floor directly is not sharp or you can install furniture pad. The friction of a sharp object makes the linoleum easily damaged.
  2. To clean the surface of the linoleum floor, you simply wipe it with a damp mop, like you clean the tile floor. Do not wipe with excess water, it should not be brushed, and do not use chemicals to clean it. At most, you may use carbolic fluids.
  3. So far, the price of linoleum is still quite expensive when compared to the ordinary tile floor. However, this is quite cheap when compared to the original wood floor.

How to Install

Installing linoleum is almost the same as wallpaper. You should make sure the floor surface is flat, not wavy, and coat linoleum with glue evenly then paste. To make it look more beautiful with colorful patterns, you can arrange like arranging the tiles. The linoleum vinyl sheets are cut first, then glued together. Surely for this beautiful look, you need more painstaking and thorough. But, the result will be more satisfying. In addition to sheet forms, there is also a vinyl tile that is more easily installed. Currently, many linoleum installation services are already priced with the price of materials, just like wallpaper and window film.


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