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Method Wood Floor Cleaner

method wood floor cleaner

Wood flooring is one type of home floor that can remain clean for a long time. Wood floors that look clean in all rooms can make the house look beautiful. Caring for and cleaning wooden floors are not much different from other types of flooring. But there is some finishing-wood floor which usually requires more care when they get stains.

In order to your wood floor still looks beautiful, of course, you need to clean and care for your floor regularly. Wood floor cleaning requires special ways and materials. You cannot treat this floor as you treat a common floor. For example, you can not apply wood floor cleaning by mopping it with plenty of water such as marble and ceramic floors. If you want to clean the wood floor as well as polishing the surface, there are some natural ingredients that can be used as a cleaner. Check out the following method of wood floor cleaner.

The quickest and most effective method for cleaning wood floors is to use a damp mop. Before you mop the surface of the wooden floor, make sure that you have clean the floor with a soft broom or light vacuum cleaner. Then make a mixture of natural ingredients:

60 ml – Olive oil

  • This material is proven to be able to polish the surface of the floor and keep the moisture. Olive oil will not make the floor slippery, but make it cleaner and shinier.

60 ml – White vinegar

  • This material is a very powerful natural antiseptic used to remove stubborn stains.

40 ml – lemon juice

  • This material can help eliminate the smell of white vinegar. Unfortunately, the use of this material in a long time can cause the color of the wood floor to fade because it is acidic. It is recommended to use vinegar or lemon juice only on the stain that is really difficult to remove.

2 liters of warm water in a bucket


  1. Make a cleaner fluid by mixing vinegar, lemon water, olive oil, and warm water.
  2. Use a sponge or clean cloth with a circular motion but do not rub it hard.
  3. Before wiping the floor, squeeze the sponge or cloth strongly.
  4. Then wipe again to dry the floor surface.

Currently, some wood floors use finishing called polyurethane so it looks so shiny. While another finishing is called seal penetration which consists of wax and finishing oil that can seep into the wood and protect it from inside. If you have cleaned the wood floor surfaces but they still look dull, maybe wax and polish can help you. You can use floor polish to make the wood floor look more shine. But if you use wax or polish too often, these may cause problems with the wooden floor adhesive when re-polished. Extra precautions that can be practiced to keep wood floors clean may be done by removing shoes or sandals when you enter the house. By doing something like this, you can limit the number of stains and dirt that stick.


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