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Mid Century Modern Flooring

mid century modern flooring

The modern mid-century generally describes an architectural style, interior, and graphic design on the development of the 19th century. The mid century modern term describes design in the mid-1950s and was later repeated by Cara Greenberg in his book entitled “Mid-Century Modern: Furniture of 1950s (Random House)” in 1983.

In the design of modern minimalist home architecture, the design is used to convey the message of simplicity. The basic geometric shapes, the absence of decoration, and the use of simple materials are typical minimalist features. The natural lighting makes the building look simple and clean. Minimalist architects have a “listen to figure” motto, seeking the essence of simplicity by rediscovering valuable qualities in simple and common materials. The main features of modern mid-century house architecture include:

  • Mid-Century Modern Roof Shape

The regular geometric lines of the house and the flat roof are the most visible main characteristics of modern mid-century style houses.

  • Mid-Century Modern Window

Windows from floor to ceiling are another characteristic of modern mid-century homes.  The use of wide glass and wide open space are also an advantage of this style of occupancy. Sliding glass doors and other glass materials allow natural light from outside to enter the house from various angles. This allows the outside ambiance of buildings integrated into the inside.

  • Mid-Century Modern Flooring

Natural Stone Tiles

“Eco-friendly” is a classic reason in modern times. But I think there is a point also because the natural stone is a type of rock that is formed from nature (condensation) without the excavation process using a machine or even harmful chemicals.


You can use wood material (teak, walnut) as the floor at home. In the mid-century modern flooring, wood is one popular choice of other types.


Concrete floors can be combined in various styles of decoration and various uses of the room. In fact, this type of floor can be used for both for exterior and interior. You can make transitions that flow from the outside to the inside of your home.

  • Furniture

For your space filler design elements, focus on selecting items made from natural materials such as wood. Do not be afraid to bring items from outside into the inside of the room. For example, you can use tables and chairs from wood chunks that have been processed to add to the natural side of the room.

  • Play with Color

The color that becomes central in mid-century modern is a warm and natural color like the color of the wood. The colors used include green olive, mustard, orange, and yellow. However, playing with trendy colors such as blueberry, citron, pink, gray, or turquoise is also an interesting idea. Make sure to avoid mixing some strong colors. Doing so may make your space look worse than retro-inspired.

  • Lighting from the Lights

Types of lights such as a chandelier and a floor lamp are typical types of modern mid-century lights that give a dramatic impression in the room. Although it has a form that is quite unique and has artistic value, the function of the light is also important. The design of lights in this era is so striking that lights can give its own accent to the room.


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