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Natural Wood Floor Cleaner

Natural Wood Floor Cleaner

Natural impression and able to create a warm atmosphere in a space is one of the advantages of wood. No wonder if this material is popularly used, either as a building structure, finishing materials to furniture raw materials. One of the most popular wood applications is as a floor covering.  In addition to natural impression, wood flooring also feels comfortable when stepped on. Unfortunately, wood floors require routine and special care to maintain the quality of its appearance. Using improper floor cleaners can cause the wood floor surface become dull or damaged. You can actually make your own natural wood floor cleaner. Then, how to make it? Here are the tips.


  1. This dose may vary according to the floor area you have.
  2. 60 ml of lemon juice
  3. 90ml of olive oil
  4. 2 liters of warm water
  5. Pine oil (optional), you can add a few drops of pine oil to the mixture cleaner. Pine oil can help clean your dull floor.


  1. Prepare a basin or bucket of medium size to be a container.
  2. Then mix the warm water with lemon juice. This is a common trick where the mixture between the two can be a natural antiseptic for floors.
  3. After that, add the olive oil into the same bucket. Olive oil serves to make the wood floor glistening naturally without making the surface slippery.
  4. Stir all liquids until well blended.
  5. Use a sponge or a dry microfiber cloth. Dip it in the solution and wring it until the sponge remains moist.
  6. Get used to doing initial experiments on one spot first to confirm the impact of the solution.
  7. Then, start doing the cleaning from the tip of the floor towards the door. Wipe your floor in a circular motion and rub the grooves between the woods. Clean the wood floor as a whole.
  8. Wipe again with a dry cloth.


Use a microfiber dust cleaner

Before you use the damp sponge to your floor, clean your floor first in the direction of the wooden floor. Although wood floors are scratch-proof, excess dirt, hair, and debris that accumulate can cause scratches if left over time. Use a cleaning tool made of microfiber to wipe the dust on the surface of the wood floor. Rough fabric can cause scratches on the floor surface. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush.

Avoid vinegar and alcohol

Avoid cleaning the wood floor with vinegar or alcohol. The content of compounds in both of these materials is powerful to clean stubborn stains. However, it’s hard material content actually causes the surface of the wood floor to fade. When you make the improper dosage, it will certainly be bad for the floor. If you want to mix alcohol and/or vinegar to the mixture above, then give a few ml only. Notice how wide the floor in your home is.

Special fluid wood flooring

Do not carelessly use other cleaner fluids for wood floors. The composition contained in the liquid is usually too hard to use on the wood floor, so it can slowly cause the floor surface erode. If you are not sure to try to make your own natural wood floor cleaner, you can use a special cleaner by purchasing it in the store.


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