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Patterned Ceramic Floor Tile

patterned ceramic floor tile

There are many ideas that can be realized to make your home appear more attractive. By presenting an indoor park, placing impressive furniture, installing luxury wallpaper as wall accents, or futuristic ceiling. Just like the wall, the floor also affects the look of an interior. The patterned floor area can also be the focal point in a room. Although unlike the wall that can be decorated with a variety of accessories, patterned ceramic floor tile can make the room seem different.

Ceramic display at home not only be floor coverings, but also decorative elements that support the interior of the room. One of the most widely used ceramic motifs is the geometric pattern. The geometric pattern is widely used for decoration on the wall or floor of the house. The patterned ceramic floor can be used in any area of the house and is not limited to the living room, bedroom or bathroom. Even the kitchen area can also be more beautiful with a touch of patterned ceramics. Meanwhile, the color and geometric patterns of ceramics can be selected according to the needs or theme of the room. The ceramics can also be fitted by combining two different ceramic motifs. However, do not forget to adjust the two colors of ceramics to keep appearing harmonious and impressed together.

In addition to the patterned ceramic floor, you can also apply a kind of natural stone for your flooring. Among the options of natural stone, the most commonly used in today’s homes is granite. Granite flooring or also called homogeneous tile has many advantages, such as resistant to scratches and has a level of strength over the ceramic floor. The constituent material components are homogeneous, one from the top to the bottom.

As a floor covering, granite has a character and strength that is much better than ceramics, because it is more use of hard materials in materials such as silica, feldspar, and others. Generally, the pattern of granite flooring nuanced natural like rocks or woods. Currently, the granite tile offers a variety of motifs and colors that are diverse and charming. With the installation of patterned granite flooring, the house will look more luxurious and fresh. The pattern can be tailored to the theme of the room you want..

The basic stage before applying patterned ceramic floor tile:

  1. First, you must determine the desired concept.
  2. Second, combining the right patterns and colors is a very important thing in bringing the desired nuance. When you start to choose patterns and colors that are suitable for the home floor, do not forget that there are certain criteria that can give a different impression, they are:
  3. To create the impression of a spacious room, it is advisable to use patterned granite with bright colors and simple patterns. The arrangement must also be considered in order to create a beautiful appearance. The patterns can be placed on the entire floor area or you can also install them at a certain angle.
  4. Conversely, there are also certain patterns or colors that produce the illusion of the room become narrow. For example the patterned ceramic floor with a fairly complex motif with dark dominant colors. The pattern of installation also tends to the entire floor area. It would be more beautiful if the complex patterns are installed only on certain parts such as in the middle of the floor and not in all areas of the room.


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