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Peel and Stick Wood Flooring

Peel and Stick Wood Flooring

For those of you who want a wood look on your floor but you have a limited budget, then the vinyl floor is the right solution. If you are familiar with wood flooring, it’s time you know more about vinyl flooring. These two types of flooring are quite unique with a natural impression. But the difference is wood flooring is more expensive than vinyl flooring. In the installation process, wood floors tend to be more difficult than vinyl floors. Vinyl floor requires only one important process that is peel and stick wood flooring.

Moreover, vinyl flooring material made of PVC anti broken, unlike its predecessor made of original wood flooring or powder material in the press so it is not anti-termite and quickly destroyed when hit by water. Vinyl floor wood motif is very flexible because if you feel bored with its appearance, you can release the floor just by peeling it. The installation of wood vinyl flooring is only used glue on the bottom so that it allows you in the process of installation and release. Read more to further clarify the advantages of using vinyl flooring and the installation process.

Excess Use of Wood Vinyl Flooring Motif

Unique Design

  • If you want unusual occupancy, using wooden floor motif can be used as an option. Wood floor motifs have varying features, similar to wood or parquet floors. The floor of this wood motif will also add the aesthetic value of the house.

Warm Atmosphere

  • In addition to using bright colors such as orange, warm atmosphere in the house can also be obtained from the wood floor motif. The warmth radiated from the floor of the wood motif will provide another comfort in your home.

Easy Maintenance

  • Vinyl floor with wood motif is also very easy in its care. Its treatment is not as complicated as wood floors, simply do the mopping regularly then your wood motif floors will still look clean and shiny.

Here are the guides you can use as guidelines for installing vinyl flooring:

Tools and materials:

  1. Vinyl floor (sheet)
  2. Solvent base adhesive
  3. Cutter
  4. Metal ruler
  5. Elbow ruler
  6. Roller
  7. Brush


  1. Prepare the room to be fitted with sheets of vinyl flooring. The room must have a flat surface and clean condition.
  2. You can divide the floor of the room into four parts. Separate the parts using two strings stretched to form plus sign (+). Each rope separates the two sides of the exact same room. This rope stretch will serve as a guide in arranging vinyl floor sheets for the composition to be the same.
  3. Prepare the vinyl floor sheets you have purchased. Make sure all of these sheets have the exact size and shape so that the installation of the vinyl floor will produce a precise arrangement.  If there is a vinyl floor that is not the same size from the others, you can cut it using a cutter based on a metal ruler.
  4. Apply a sufficiently adhesive solvent base on the floor using a brush. Then apply the glue on the underside of the vinyl floor. Wait for a while for the glue to dry slightly. Then you can stick the sheet of vinyl flooring on the floor. Give a little pressure so the vinyl floor can stick strongly.
  5. Perform the installation of vinyl floor sheets by following the guidelines of the stretch rope. If there is a bulging part, you should flatten it as soon as possible. Repeat this work until the entire floor of the room is covered by vinyl floor sheets.


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