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Plywood Floor over Concrete

Plywood Floor over Concrete

Installing plywood floor over concrete is not difficult. In general, there are two methods of installing wood flooring often used by experts. Here’s the review.

  1. Nail down method

The first method is the installation of basic plywood media with nails. This method has been long enough known and much recommended by many professional wood flooring. The first stage of this method is the installation of foam sheet with a thickness of approximately 4mm to 6mm. Foam sheet will serve as sound dampening and as well as a moisture barrier. Foam sheet that has been installed neatly on the concrete field, then we put the plywood on it with a minimum of 15mm thickness. In this way, the wood flooring will be more easily mounted on the plywood.

Gluing wood floors can directly use nails on the “tongue” section with a 45-degree angle. In order for the wood board to be mounted more firmly on the floor, the installation of each wood board should be strengthened using nails. Nails should be fitted in a hidden way and entered into the ground floor. Nailing on the tongue will hide the nail mark so it is not visible from the outside and will make a good look. To bury the head of the nail on the tongue usually requires drip. At the time of the process of burying the nail, it should be done carefully so as not to damage the shape of the wood floors itself.

  1. Glue down method

The second method is known as “glue down method” or gluing directly over the concrete or ceramics. It should be noted that the concrete has dried well, smooth, and flat before installing the wood flooring. The installation of wood floors using ordinary wood glue directly over the concrete is actually not recommended. It is because the ordinary white glue does not work as a sound dampening. In addition, its adhesiveness at a certain time also will not be as good as if we use a glue that is already specially formulated for wood flooring, so we often find some pieces of wood that begins to lose. This special glue is shaped paste and later after dry will still be flexible and able to follow the motion of wood. Here is a picture of the glue down method as a reference:

Plywood Floor over Concrete

Like other flooring materials, wood floors will also expand when exposed to hot and humid air and shrink during dry weather. Therefore, it takes a minimum distance of 9mm from the wall before the wood floor is installed. This 9mm distance can be covered with skirting or plinth boards. But with the anticipation of good drying wood, using kiln dry or commonly called a wood oven, then technically the expansion and depreciation can be minimized.  In addition to flexible, special glue also serves as a sound dampening and moisture barrier. Lately, the glue down method has also started to be favored and recommended by professional wood flooring as it is a more practical solution.


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