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Popular Colors to Paint a Front Door

popular colors to paint a front door

The front door is one of the designs of the house that has an important role to attract the eye. The existence of the door has a vital function for a house and able to add the artistic value or the beauty of a house. Now many people want a minimalist look at their homes. The design of the front door on a minimalist home is also adjusted in terms of shape and size. Plus, the selection of the right color paint also has an important role in determining the beauty of a home building. Color selection also no longer play on the basic colors only, but the colors are more daring and show the character of the homeowner. Then for those of you who are feeling bored with the look outside your home, painting the main door can be a cheap solution to refresh the look of the house. Below are five popular colors to paint a front door that might give new inspiration.

Black: The black color is famous for classic-style dwellings. Nevertheless, black paint apparently also suitable for the theme of the contemporary and minimalist dwelling. If you choose black as the main color for the front door of the house, try a thick black paint combined with deep blue or brown color. An example of this color variation will help you get a dramatic and dramatic black door.

Purple: Who says purple should only be applied to the children’s room door? This color is increasingly popular applied to the front door lately. Purple paint on the front door of your home will be very interesting though it looks cool. Do not be afraid to try purple paint because this color is predicted to be an interior trend in 2017.

Yellow: Has it ever occurred to you to have a front door in yellow paint? Some of you might find it hard to imagine what it would look like if the paint color on the main door is yellow. However, for the traditional dwelling and minimalist style yellow is very suitable to be applied so that the theme carried more prominent. Especially when juxtaposed with a black window frame.

Red brick: This color can actually be a warm or cold color depending on your intelligence in combining it. If a little confused, you can mix-match the red with a little cool color like green or blue.

Coral: Coral-colored paint that is identical with Mid-Century Modern style is still popularly used in homes with double doors or single doors. Not only that, the color of this coral is also suitably applied to the dwelling embrace the contemporary concept and beach house even though you live in the suburbs.

Nowadays many homeowners love to design their home door that shows styles and themes according to their personality. But before you decide to change the color on your front door paint, here are some tips on choosing an attractive paint door color.

  • Adjust the paint color with the components of the house

Paint frames that are used in a minimalist house can be made in such a way that adds the artistic value of a house included in choosing paint color door frames. In the selection of paint color minimalist home door, homeowners should pay attention to the materials used to make the door of their house, whether the door is made of wood material, aluminum or PVC. For example, the paint color of the doorframe is white. Then choose contrast color for a front door, like red brick, black or purple.

  • Customize the door color with the theme of the house.

A home interior design sometimes uses a Shabby Chic theme which is identical to coral colors. If so, you can use brown sand color, naples yellow or green coral. For Bohemian themed interior design, the paint color of the door can use purple, light gray, or black.


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