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Porcelain Floor Tile that Looks like Wood

Porcelain Floor Tile that Looks like Wood

Floor with a wooden look is currently very in demand lately. You do not need to use original hardwood material to get a wooden look on the floor of your house. Porcelain floor tile that looks like wood is the solution. In this modern era, many manufacturers have new technology to create many variations on the floor. Even porcelain floor tile not only offers wooden look but also marble. Porcelain floor tile is ideal for use throughout the home floor area because of its glossy appearance with soft colors. Porcelain floor can give the impression of luxury in a room. Although porcelain tiles are very dense but not good enough to absorb moisture. Below is more explanation about porcelain floor tile.


Porcelain is a special type of tile made from a mixture of white clay or commonly called Chinese clay with silica, alabaster, feldspar, and water. The clay material is very nice and smooth because it has high kaolin feldspar and quartz contents. All of these materials are formed under very high pressure and burned at higher temperatures than standard ceramics. The result is a stronger and more durable material than ceramics. The combustion process also determines the quality of the product.


Porcelain tiles are available in a variety of motives and colors. This type of flooring is the best replication of natural stone and can even resemble other floor coating materials, such as wood, granite, and marble. Many people cannot distinguish between the porcelain floors with ceramics. Basically, every manufacturer can produce the same look between porcelain and ceramic. To be able to distinguish the porcelain display with ceramics, you can see the label or the color of the material. Ceramic is red terracotta, while porcelain is pale creamy.


Durability is a top priority in the selection of goods, in addition to the motive. Generally, porcelain has a higher resistance because it is burned longer. A long combustion process will make the clay (of any kind) to be drier, harder, and denser. Superior porcelain tiles are highly resistant to scratches, staining and fading.

Usage Area

Due to the nature of the porcelain which is not easy to absorb water, is not porous, strong and solid, then it can be used for all floor area at home. Even tile floors can also be used in wet areas, such as the kitchen, bathroom and even the swimming pool and bathtub.


Porcelain is made with a more elaborate and very detailed production resulting in higher endurance. Therefore, to obtain porcelain tile requires a fairly expensive cost but not as expensive as the original wood floor or marble of very good quality.


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