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Removing Ceramic Floor Tile

Removing Ceramic Floor Tile

Sometimes we find our tile floors are broken, dull or scratched after a while. So we need repair or even replacement of new ceramics to make the room look beautiful. Removing ceramic flooring may be a pretty hard job for beginners. Actually, we can do it ourselves if we know the proper and appropriate disassembly technique. Here are the steps that can be done.

Step 1: Removing the Ceramic Grout

  • Separating the grout from ceramics is the main thing to do. Start by removing the grout that surrounds the ceramic to be removed. The goal is to get the space on the cement bond layer that is under the ceramic. By opening the ceramic grout first, then the separation of ceramic from the cement bond will be easier to do. You also will not harm or damage the surface of the surrounding ceramics. There are two techniques that can be done to open the ceramic grout:

  1. Open the grout with carving technique using a small chisel.
  2. Open the grout using a grinding machine. The type of grinding used should use a ceramic cutter type.
  • When doing this ceramic dismantling process often contains risks, so it must be done with great care and patience.
  • Now you can use the help of chemicals (additives) that can facilitate the dismantling of ceramics. One of the additives commonly used is cement remover. This additive is usually poured along the grout surface. Then wait a moment. After that, the grout will be more easily dismantled so it allows you to disassemble the ceramic.

Step 2: Unlock the Ceramics

  • After you have successfully cleaned the grout that surrounds the ceramic, the next process is to unlock the ceramic to separate from the cement layer. In this job, you need a putty knife that has a wide shape and a rigid texture.
  • Push the putty knife right in the bottom corner of the ceramic by pointing it towards the center of the tile. After that, press the putty knife slowly with the help of a hammer. If you are lucky, the ceramic will be instantly lifted at once. But if the ceramic is broken, you have to lift all the remaining broken ceramic that is still attached to the floor by repeating the process.

Step 3: Clean the Cement Residue

  • You also need to clean up the old cement that is still attached to the floor surface. This provides enough space for the new cement batter as a ceramic adhesive. You can use a putty knife and a hammer to destroy the layer of cement. Make sure all the old cement is peeling off.
  • Do not forget to clean the remnants of old cement dust from the floor surface. If necessary, you can use a vacuum cleaner or dry cloth so that the cleaning process can run smoothly. Once everything is settled, you can start installing a new ceramic tile.


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