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Replace the Front Door Glass

replace the front door glass

Have you ever experienced the front door glass suddenly broke out due to hit by a stone throw? Surely you feel upset, right? But briefly, clear your mind how you fix it as soon as possible. Do you need to call a handyman? If you are trained to set up your own house, then you can fix it especially when you have enough free time. Tools and materials needed are not much. Although in reality, this work is not as easy as we see or imagine. With the glass nature is very easy to break then replacing the broken front door glass requires extra care in handling. It is important to note some important things when installing glass on the wooden door frame. We have a solution for you how to replace the front door glass.

Materials you need:

  1. Fabric
  2. Cutter
  3. Small levers
  4. Nail
  5. Glass replacement
  6. Door sealing glue
  7. Paints and brushes
  8. Gloves

Steps to take:

Before you install the new glass, check your front door condition whether it is clean from the remnants of glass flakes or not. If it is still there, use a cloth to remove the flakes and wear gloves also.

Use a small lever to remove the wooden door from the panel frame. Remove it carefully. Place the door frame with the groove position located at the top. Try to place on a table that is at least equal to the width of the door or you can put it on a flat and clean floor. When you find cracks or holes on your door, then you have to patch it first using wood filler. Do it before you install the glass. Before you repaint the front door, pure the surface first using sandpaper to remove the dirt. If you want the look of your front door to be different from before, you can repaint it with one color or a combination of two colors tailored to your home theme. Currently, the popular color paint for the front door is yellow, maroon, black, gray, and coral colors.

Slightly flatten the entire side of the glass so as not too sharp. After that, attach your new glass carefully to the door frame. Use a cloth or wear gloves when you hold the glass. Use door sealing glue around the edges of the glass to allow the glass to stick tightly with the front door frame. Finally, reseat the door frame in place and firm with the nail. Use ¾ inch sized nails. Wipe your front door glass to make it shiny and clean.

If your front door glass only suffers damage on a small scale and you do not want to replace it yet, all you can do is patch it. There are several types of special glue that can be used to the glued glass. Here are the steps you can take. Find ultraviolet (UV) and waterproof based adhesives. Then, clean the two pieces of glass with a soap solution. After cleaning, wipe each section thoroughly to dry using a clean cloth. Pieces of glass will stick well if clean, dry, and oil-free. Use latex gloves while preparing and gluing the surfaces. After that, apply the glue along one edge of the glass to be paired. Then pair them and put some pressure on them. Let the glue works. This process will take a few minutes to hours depending on the type and brand of the glue.


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