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Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

Rug Pad for Hardwood Floors

For some reason, sometimes you need a rug for a house floor covering. For example, you want a different nuance than before and then you can install the rug as an interior decoration. In addition, to beautify the room, a rug pad can provide a warm atmosphere.

Choosing a rug pad for hardwood floors should not be arbitrary. Typically, many rugs have a smooth texture on top, but there are also rugs that have a rough base. This rough rug base is potential for scratching your wood floors. There are various types of materials used to make this rug, some are made from silk, wool, animal skin, nylon and polypropylene, and each has different quality and price of course. Because your floor is wood flooring, then choose a soft material such as wool. Wool material is widely used because one of its advantages is not easy to cause static electricity.

In addition to functioning to beautify the room, carpet rug also has many uses, such as:

Protector for Floor and Furniture

The furniture such as tables or chairs that if rubbing against the wood floor, then eventually will leave marks in the form of scratches to small holes. This can certainly damage the look of the floor. This is the function of the carpet to be a protective medium between furniture and floor.

Noise Reduction

Installing rugs at home can function as a noise silencer. In general, the noise inside the house comes from electronic devices such as television, radio, shouting or footsteps. Rugs can absorb sound and create a calmer atmosphere.

Creating Comfort

The rug gives its own touch sensation when in contact with the sole of the foot. Those who walk on the rug are usually more comfortable than in direct contact with the floor, especially if it has a soft texture. Carpets equipped with pad can also provide additional comfort because it feels not hard when stepped on.

Creator of the Atmosphere

Nowadays carpet rugs already have many variations, patterns, and motifs. Surely you will not be careless in choosing patterns on your rug. Its placement can also beautify the interior appearance of a room. For example carpet rugs with flower motifs that can build a romantic impression. In addition, the rug can also be a focal point to steal the eye’s attention.

Providing Security

Another function of rug pad on hardwood flooring is to protect the occupants from the danger of slipping. If you fall on the rug, of course, it reduces the pain and injury. The application of rug pad also reduces the concern for those of you who have children who are actively moving. A rug pad can be used as a playground for warm, safe and fun for children.

Easy Maintenance

Rugs tend to be easier to maintain than wood floors. Rug care is generally done in three ways, among others:

  1. Using a vacuum cleaner: A daily treatment that can be done is by dry vacuuming. The goal is to suck the dust and dirt small attached to the surface.
  1. Spotting technique with special machine: The second way is spotting using a carpet spotter machine. This is done if there are stains on the surface of the rug. This weekly treatment can be done by dry vacuuming using MPV-14 engine because in this machine there is a brush cylinder that serves as combing the feathers of the rug.
  1. Shampooing: Every 3 months carpets rug floor should be washed by shampooing using a carpet extractor machine so that all dirt and odors attached to the carpet can be lifted.


  • Customize the type, pattern, and size of a rug pad to the condition of your home. Pair the colors and motifs with the interior of the room.
  • In general, rug pad applied in the living room, bedroom and family room. If the room is small, use a small rug as well. Keep the tip of the rug to not touch the wall. Current trends are minimalist and small-sized rug pad.


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