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Steam Clean Wood Floors

Steam Clean Wood Floors

Wood flooring is a part of the house which at all times has piles of dust, dirt, and germs. Cleanliness of the floor is an important thing to have for those of you who have children who often play on the floor without using a floor cover. If your wood flooring is not clean, it can certainly damage their health and other members of the family. When you are going to clean the wood flooring, the first thing that comes to mind is to clean it up by sweeping and mopping. Sweeping can get rid of dust and dirt while mopping with a special cleaning fluid can lift up the dirt as well as eradicate the germs. But do you know that there is another way to clean wood floors?

Cleaning method using the steam clean for wood floors is the latest way of the current trend. Many people say that steaming will damage the wood floor. But, this is not entirely true. Using steam cleaner can be an alternative way to clean wood floors more effectively than you mop up with a damp cloth by spraying chemicals onto the wood floors.

Before you buy a steam tool, you need to know the coating material that protects your wood floors. Some wood floors are coated with materials that are resistant to stains and water, such as polycyclic, urethane or polyurethane substances. If you have floors with these coats, you can use the steam mop. It is not advisable to use steamers for wood floors that are not coated and have a wax coating.

Before you use a steam cleaner, be sure to purchase a special one for wood instead of a steam engine for tile floors. When choosing a steamer, choose a machine that is easy to operate and that works best for you. This is intended to avoid injury to your back and arms. Before you buy the steam cleaner, check and try using it as if you are cleaning at home. Here are the steps you can take when using a steam cleaner for wood floors.

  1. Lift dust or dirt

For the method of cleaning wood with a steam cleaning machine, you should still start cleaning the floor from dust or other dirt that can make scratches on your floor. You can sweep first. If you have a vacuum cleaner, you can also use it instead of a broom.

  1. Read the instructions for use

Do not forget to peruse every instruction of the steam mop you have. Some steam cleaning machines are only produced to be filled with clean water. Whereas if you want to use a cleaning solution, be sure to choose a cleaning fluid with a neutral pH and safe for wood.

If your floor has a small hole, you should avoid using this steam. The steam generated from this tool will moisturize your wooden floor and make your wood becomes brittle. So, use the steam mop for wood floors that have been coated only. You can use this steam mop once a week.


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