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Steam Cleaning Tile Floors

Steam Cleaning Tile Floors

Have you heard of steam cleaning? This is a new cleaning method that uses steam to completely clean the floor of the house. Unlike the vacuum cleaner, steam cleaner works to clean floor surfaces only use water and without using any chemical mixture. The secret of steam cleaning lies in the combination of high pressure, speed, and temperature. Because the cleaning method uses steam heat then the allergen residue is not formed on the surface cleaned, making it safe for the health of children and also allergy sufferers.

Steam cleaner uses steam heat that works well to destroy stains, kill bacteria and micro-organism that can cause disease. By using this tool, you can save on your expenses commonly used to buy cleaning fluids. You can use this steam cleaner for weekly cleaning.

What kind of surfaces can be cleaned with a steam cleaner? Steam cleaning for tile floors is being widely used by homeowners. Not only can be used for tile floors, but steam cleaner can also be used for wood floors, linoleum floors, carpets, even glass.

Benefits of Using a Steam Cleaning Tool:

  1. Not harmful to health

Since steam cleaners rely solely on steam in cleaning and do not use cleaning chemicals, they are safer and healthier for allergies and asthma.

  1. Cleaning thoroughly and quickly

The steam cleaner is very easy to operate and can help clean up activities quickly.

  1. Save the cost

You no longer need to buy various floor cleaning chemicals for different cleaning purposes. Having a steam cleaner means having a cleaning product that can accomplish most of your cleaning needs.

  1. Kills bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi

When the steam cleaning device is used, the hot steam molecule will penetrate the pores of the floor surface. Dirt and bacteria will be forced to get out to the surface. Fungi, bacteria, and pathogens will be killed due to hot steam molecules from steam cleaners. This cleaner can also remove the odor on the floor of your tile.

As we explained above, you do not need to add any cleaning fluid to your steam cleaner. The chemical liquids found in floor cleaners and other cleaners can be harmful to your family’s health if used too often. However, if you still want to use a cleaning fluid, there is another solution that you can practice. Try to make your own natural cleaning fluid. Then how to make it?

  • The natural ingredients of floor cleaners

Use a small amount of vinegar and lemon water mixture. Lemon juice can provide fresh scent after use to clean the floor. Both of these materials can be used for your tiles floors.

  • Natural air freshener ingredients

Save citrus peels or other oranges (lemon, lime, etc.) in a bowl. Let its aroma mingle with the air in the room.

  • Natural ingredients mosquito repellent

To repel mosquitoes without chemical liquids, use lavender oil and yeast. The mixture of both will repel mosquitoes naturally.


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