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Steam Cleaning Wood Floors

Steam Cleaning Wood Floors

Conventional mops often leave chemical residues from the use of floor cleaning fluid that can harm the health of children, especially toddlers who often play in the home floor area. This mop is not designed to lift and eradicate germs on the floor, but only lift the dust that accumulates. The raw water used in conventional mops also has a high risk of being exposed to germs and bacteria. In fact, we know that the floor is one place for germs and bacteria to breed because of the humidity factor and the residue that our footwear carried when entering the house.

In addition, the use of conventional mops spends a lot of time and effort. Before starting wiping the floor, we also have to prepare other fittings in the form of a bucket, floor cleaning liquid and dry cloth to dry the wood floors surface by wiping once more. Very tiring, isn’t it? With the advancement of technology, today many manufacturers are producing modern mop tools. I’m sure you have heard about a steam mop. Yes, this is a steam cleaning tool for wood floors. It works not only for wood floors but for certain types of steam mop can also be used for tiles and ceramics.

Then, what are the advantages of steam cleaning than conventional cleaning?

  • The ability to eradicate germs and bacteria

The steam cleaner is designed as a cleaning machine as well as disinfectant germs, viruses, and bacteria. The hot steam produced by this mop is very powerful to eliminate the risk of disease caused by various bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, MRSA, Listeria, and others. This is possible with the rapid heating technology of just 15 seconds at temperatures up to close to 160 degrees Celsius. In addition, this cleaning tool can also remove residual bacteria left on the floor through a high-quality microfiber cloth. 

  • Environmentally-friendly without hazardous chemicals

The steam cleaner is designed to clean the floor hygienically without any chemicals added. Its use only relies on water to clean all stains and stubborn dirt on your wood floors.

  • Safe, cheap, and practical

Steam engines are equipped with anti-fungi features so that the use of raw water does not reduce engine durability. Plus, you can save more money without spending any other costs to buy floor cleaners. In addition, the workmanship becomes faster and easier.


Currently, many manufacturers offer various types of a steam mop with their respective advantages. Generally, there are two choices of steam mop tool that you can use according to its function. Pay close attention to the following guidelines before you decide to buy or rent a steam cleaner:

  • Steam Turbo: This is a feature that can adjust the steam levels on different floor usages such as wood, marble, or ceramic. There is a steam burst feature that can produce high-pressure turbo steam to eradicate stubborn stains.
  • Delta Pad: For use in a narrow area such as the corners of the room, there is an easy-to-use delta pad setting.


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