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Tiling a Shower Floor

tiling a shower floor

The bathroom becomes one of the areas in the house that has an important role for us to refresh and cleanse our body. In its arrangement, this should be done correctly to make the ritual bath fun. One way is to choose the right tiles for the shower area. There are many choices of floor tiles for use on walls or floors in the shower area. Four types of these tiles may be you consider that your shower floor looks beautiful and elegant. Here tiling a shower floor that can be used as inspiration.

  • Natural stone

For those of you who like the feel of nature and try to bring it into the house, the choice of natural stone as a shower floor tile is the right choice. Natural stone derived from natural sources of mountains or rock hills are processed in accordance with natural motifs. Natural stone is used as a forming element or modern bathroom decoration but still nuances of nature. This floor raw material serves to hold the moisture in the bathroom.

If you are going to apply it on your bathroom floor, then choose a slightly rough floor to avoid slippery when exposed to soapy water. While on the wall, select a fine-textured to look clean and luxurious.

  • Porcelain

Porcelain is generally made of some clay mixtures and some other materials (such as quartz sand and feldspar) that are molded and burned at very a high temperature. Selection of porcelain tiles is very fitting for those of you who like the aura of luxury. The colors and motifs are almost close to natural stone but with easier and cheaper treatment. Porcelain is different from ordinary ceramic although at first glance looks the same. Both are made of clay particles, but porcelain consists of ultra-fine clay particles formed in an extra-hot temperature, so the surface becomes hard and shiny.

  • Eclectic tiles

Actually, this tile belongs to the usual ceramic type, but the blend of colors and arrangement is unique. For example, you can do a blend of different colors to display the walls and the shower floor is not monotonous. The combination of black and green can bring an eclectic aura especially if combined with a silver color tool from the faucet and shower.

  • Limestone

Limestone has a natural surface and is sharpened with a grinder or other sharpening tool so that the surface remains rough but flat like granite. Typically, the colors available are as natural as yellow, beige, and brown. These colors are suitable for bathroom floors, shower floors, and countertops (horizontal and flat parts).

Tips on Choosing Shower Floor Tiles:

  1. Plan carefully. To get a perfect result, you have to plan it in great detail. Determine what kind of tile you want for the shower floor, flooring throughout the bathroom, or even a wall. Everything should be planned at the beginning. Make sure also that the supporting things such as electricity to be used are neatly arranged behind the bathroom wall. Other details such as cabinets, bathroom glass lights, and air suction should be prepared from the beginning.
  2. Create a water channel well. Placement of drains in the bathroom should be highly addressed and require proper planning. If you have determined the position of the drain, try experimenting with spilling large amounts of water in the bathroom so you can see if the position of your pipe is working properly.


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