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Types of Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Types of Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

There are two types of glass door cover that is curtain and blinds. Curtains are fabricated, while blinds are made from more diverse materials such as aluminum, PVC, bamboo, solid wood, fiber, and fabrics. Both curtain and blind have a wide variety. Naming for each type is usually based on the model and how to operate it. In curtain, for example, there are so-called classic curtains and modern styles. Included in this type of curtain is a thin or transparent curtain fabric called vitrage. The same with curtains, blinds also have different types or names, such as horizontal blinds, roman blinds or roller blinds.

In addition to functioning as a sliding glass door cover, blinds also have an aesthetic function to beautify the room. Therefore, when you are going to install blinds on your home, choose blinds that can serve as both in order to make the interior of the house beautiful and bring comfort. Below, we describe more about types of blinds for sliding glass doors.

Horizontal blinds are horizontally aligned strips. These blinds are arranged using a rope to open and close the strips. Horizontal blinds suitable for use as a sliding glass door cover in the kitchen. The simple yet beautiful shape can add value to your room. This type is made of aluminum slats or light and stainless materials. There are three types of horizontal blinds, namely standard with various colors, perforated (porous), and wood or bamboo motif. These blinds are ideal if mounted for wide and high sliding glass doors. Or, it can also be applied to openings consisting of rows of glass doors. The goal is this arrangement can offset the form of glass doors so it does not look too high.

Roman blinds are one of the simple fashion blinds that seem luxurious but practical. This type of blinds is specially designed from fabric with a variation of lace and motifs suitable for sliding glass doors in the modern and minimalist room. Roman blinds are operated by pulling them up so as to provide a blinds effect that looks like fabric folds. In every fold of roman blinds, there are weights of iron or wood rods and their looks are very unique. Then, why should there be weights? With such heavy materials can make roman blinds perform better, especially if given a deep layer.

Meanwhile, roller blinds give the impression simple, practical and easy to use. Of course, roller blinds still serve as a keeper of privacy and good comfort when you and your family are in the house. Roller blinds are operated by opening-closing them by rolling them up and down (so-called rollers) instead of sideways. The advantages of roller blinds is a simple, modern look, making the room more spacious because it gives the impression of light and can adjust the incoming light easily. We can just roll up the panel slightly upward to get privacy or roll it all up so that the sliding glass door looks as if it’s no cover at all. The materials used for roller blinds are, some are like clothes and some are like plastic. One sheet of material mounted on the glass door is called a panel. There are two systems for opening and closing the panels, namely nylon ropes or chain systems.


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