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Types of Closet Doors

types of closet doors

The closet becomes one of the furniture that almost certainly exists in the bedroom. For minimalist rooms of relatively small size, the size of the closet should also be carefully selected. Use the closet with a medium size and avoid using a large one because it will make the room seems crowded. In addition, a large closet can also be difficult to put in a small room. The design of minimalist closet is popular because it is not too luxurious but still functional and stylish. With its small size, the furniture or clothing contained in it must also adjust the size of the closet. In addition to the size closet, there are other things that are also quite important to note. Closet doors can also contribute in the aesthetics of the room. The closet door itself can be made of wood or plastic. The wood material will give the impression of elegance even though the price is higher than the one made from plastic. Some closets are also equipped with mirrors, which are usually placed on the front. There are several types of closet doors that you can choose and each has its own advantages.

  • Sliding Closet Doors

Closet with sliding door is indeed very suitable for the minimalist room even though your room is really narrow. With the type of door being shifted, it is not necessary to provide a lot of distance to open the door and also not hit the surrounding furniture. Adjust the color or style with the theme and also the color of your room wall so that sliding cabinets can be an important point of the room.

  • Swing Closet Doors

This type of closet is more popular and widely used by homeowners. Its practical and easy use is well liked by many people. However, swing closet doors are less suitable for use in minimalist rooms because when the door is opened it will nudge the object next to it.

  • Glass Door Closet

For the room is narrow and also small then you do not need to add or put a lot of furniture because it will make the room look increasingly crowded. Choosing cabinets with large glass that has been installed in front of the door can give the silhouette of the room feels wider. Closet glass can be found in the form of sliding doors or swing doors.

  • Closet without Doors

Sometimes, the closet door must have a distance corresponding to the other item so the door will not crash when it is opened and also the person opening it can pass through the gap between the door and the other stuff. Some people find it ineffective that many people are beginning to switch to cabinets that do not have doors. However, because this closet does not have a door, the contents inside are clearly visible and vulnerable to dirt and dust.

  • Wall Closet

If the room is really narrow and does not allow to put a closet of any size, then you can use the wall as a place to put your closet. The concept is almost the same as the storage placed in the wall so it does not require large land. With the wall cabinet, then you can put a variety of clothing and objects to support everyday appearance. The wall closet can also be used for interior design minimalist-modern living room, so it can be a special attraction for guests who visit.


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