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Vinyl Flooring that Looks Like Wood Planks

vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks

The floor is an important element in designing the interior of the house. The beautiful floor can make your home interior look attractive. One of the floors you can choose is vinyl. The vinyl floor is an artificial floor that has a much cheaper price than the solid wood floor or engineered wood floor. Vinyl is made from a mixture of chemicals processed by a special machine. Vinyl flooring is molded into two forms: planks and sheets. You can have vinyl flooring that looks like wood planks. This is because the motif pasted is the result of photography and then printed with a very high resolution so that the wood fiber and motif can be obtained optimally without any blur. Similar to other types of floor coverings, vinyl floor covering also has some advantages and disadvantages. Here is the description:


  1. Make the look of the house more artistic and interesting.
  2. Make the room feel warm because of the look of the wood.
  3. Can be applied in almost any indoor part, except the bathroom.
  4. The price is affordable.
  5. Available in various motifs.
  6. The floor is not hard when stepped on and flexible.

After discussing the advantages, below are the disadvantages of vinyl flooring:

  1. Not too friendly for the health of sensitive residents because the base material is made from a mixture of PVC.
  2. If it is damaged, then the plank of vinyl flooring cannot be repaired as can be done on solid wood flooring.
  3. It is easily scratched. Therefore, when you will move the item, it is recommended that you pick it up rather than push it to avoid friction.

Installation of vinyl flooring is quite easy and requires no special skills and no need to hire professional services. You can do it yourself with the steps that will be explained below:

  • Preparing vinyl floor surfaces

Floors to be installed with vinyl should be well prepared. Make sure the floor is dry, clean, flat, and smooth. For cement flooring, it must be ensured that it is clean and not moist. Close all cracks and holes on the surface to be covered by the vinyl. For installation on the ceramic floor, make sure if the floor is in good condition, without any cracks, dirt, dust, and sand. Make sure all the cracks and holes are well covered. Prepare also sheets or planks vinyl floor to be installed. Remove from the box and keep it at room temperature for approximately 24 hours.

  • Initial preparation of vinyl wood flooring

Empty the room before installation. If necessary, remove the door from the hinges to make the work easier. Then, prepare the plywood as a base underneath. The base layer with plywood will make the vinyl floor last longer. Use staples to attach plywood to the floor.

  • Installation of vinyl flooring

First, draw patterns using a marker that is easily removed. Next, install the vinyl floor by following the pattern. If there is an area where the vinyl should be cut, then cut it and paste it. Alternatively, you can do laying overlaps. Once everything is ready, then glue the vinyl on the plywood layer. There are two types of vinyl that already have adhesive and without adhesive. For vinyl floors that do not have adhesive, use a yellow wood glue and apply it evenly under the vinyl planks. Avoid using glue or adhesive excessively because it will make the vinyl become moist and quickly damaged.


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