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Wall Tiles on the Floor

Wall Tiles on the Floor

Tiles are one of the important components in the interior of a dwelling house. Currently, tiles are no longer synonymous with goods made of cement but also made from marble, granite, and terrazzo. People used to know tiles made of cement, the PC tiles measuring 20 x 20 cm and 25 x 25 cm. Along with the development of technology, now tiles appear with various colors, shapes, motifs, and materials. According to its function, the tiles are divided into two categories. They are floor tiles (usually larger for each sheet) and wall tiles (smaller size per sheet). Of course, each tile category has its own character. Below we describe the use of wall tiles as floor coverings.

Tiles normally used for walls fall into the category of the BIII class (ISO standard) where its bending strength will certainly be lower than the BI and BII class tiles category (commonly known as floor tiles). BIII class tiles are more focused to achieve certain design effects, such as more matte appearance, more contrasting color, more textured, and so on. Usually, the demands of color and design perfection will be higher wall tiles as it gets more attention for our eyes. Of course, there is no prohibition to use wall tiles on the floor or vice versa. But actually, the use of wall tiles on the floor area that is often burdened, such as high foot traffic or heavy furniture, would be less appropriate use and would actually damage the strength of the tiles.

Some people also make the mistake of installing floor tiles measuring 20 × 20 square centimeters to the wall. Floor tiles if mounted on the wall will produce an inappropriate display. So, it would be better if you install the tiles in accordance with their respective functions so that you get a beautiful view of the room.

Tips on installing wall tiles as the floor of the house

If you want the look of an attractive wall tile as your floor, then you can install them in a certain area only and not cover the entire surface of the floor. It can also be a focal point in your room. Put some tiles with the same or random motif (depending on your style) in the middle of the floor (as the center). Or you can install the patterned tiles on the corners of the floor that surrounds the room. The rest, you can install marble, granite or ceramic floors that have better strength than the wall-patterned tiles you use.

After you have decided, there are things you should look at before buying tiles. Due to the manufacture of natural tiles through the combustion process with high temperature, it is very reasonable if there is a difference in the color and size. For that, check the motif or pattern of each wall tile that will plug, adjust to the series and size. Notice the serial number. If the serial number is different, then the production year is also different. So if you want to install tiles for floors or walls of your house, prepare the spare quantity.


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