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White Washed Wood Floors

White Washed Wood Floors

White washed on wood floors can make the home decor becomes more classy. Maybe all this time we only know if the white paint just to paint the outside of the house like a wood fence. However, with a little creativity, you can turn your wood floors or other furniture into an elegant look with only white paint. Painting wood flooring with white color is not so common, but if you’re a fan of shabby chic decor, you can try it. White wood flooring is suitable for you who want a soft and elegant feel in the room. To clarify again, we will provide example of the processes of making white washed wood floors.

Prep the Floor Surfaces

  • Before starting to apply the white paint on the floor, check the surface of the wood whether there is a hole or not. If you find a hole, use a wood putty to patch it. Allow for 24 hours until the putty dries perfectly. After it dries, do the sanding until the wood media is ready for processing. Perform the sanding also on the entire floor area.
  • If you do not find any holes or cracks but your wood floors have got finished before, then do the sanding on the entire floor surface. It aims to lift the finishing and dirt that accumulate. Be sure to sand them thoroughly.

Apply the Base Paint

  • If you want the coat of white paint to stick on the wood and durable, you need to add the base paint before the painting process. Using a paint brush and roller, apply the base coat evenly over the wood surface.  The brush is helpful for hard-to-reach parts and handy rollers on large floors.
  • Let the base paint dry before switching to paint the furniture. After it dries perfectly, sand the surface of the floor. This will help your paint blend into the base paint better. Then, wipe any wood flake with a dry cloth or vacuum.

Painting Process

  • Most professionals find that a basic coat and paint will not provide the look you’re looking for. So in this process, you may need to do the painting twice.
  • Paint your wood floors using a roller and a brush. Reach for a flat surface with a roller. Then use a brush to paint the floor that cannot be reached by the roller – the corner of the floor. Let the paint dry out and check if there are any parts of the floor that are not completely covered by paint. Wait until the first layer dries (best is to wait for 12-24 hours).
  • Then, continue to apply the second paint. Add a layer of the same paint in the same way described above.

Applying the Top Coat

  • After the paint is dry, apply varnish to protect the paint from scratches. It will also add a bit of luster to your wood floor look. Make sure the varnish is dry before you step on the floor and move the furniture to the room where the furniture will be used.

Things You Need:

  1. Base Paint
  2. White Paint
  3. Protective Paint or Varnish
  4. Sandpaper
  5. Face Mask
  6. Clean Cloth
  7. Roller
  8. Brush (Use a very fine paint brush to avoid traces of the brush when the paint is drying out)


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