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Wood Floor Scratch Repair

wood floor scratch repair

Although the wood floor is a kind of flooring that impressed old, its charm is timeless. Until now, there are still many people are tempted to apply this type of flooring at their home. Its appearance gives a natural, fresh, and elegant impression. On the other hand, this flooring also has a number of flaws that are quite troublesome that the wood floor tends to be more easily scratched. This can be caused by furniture friction, animal scratches, rough shoes, and so on. If the scratch is not handled immediately, it is certainly very disturbing the floor looks and triggers a greater expenditure for improvement. In addition, the scratch can also be potentially more severe if left for a long time. If you are experiencing it, then take immediate action and treatment of a scratch by trying to apply the following easy method.

Method 1: Disguise small scratches with wooden markers

  1. Clean the scratched area by wiping it. Use a soft cloth and begin to clean the surface of the wood floor from the debris and dirt.
  2. Then, find the color of a wood marker that match the color of your wood floors. Shake the wooden marker before it is opened. Dampen the fabric with a wooden marker. Tap-tap the marker as much as 10-15 times or until your cloth is damp.
  3. Next, rub the damp cloth to scratches on the floor. Press the damp cloth onto the wood floor gently and follow the wood grooves. This is the best method for removing scratches of the floor rather than applying the wood marker directly to the scratched floor because the color of the ink marker can be gradually given. If you apply the marker directly to the scratch, your wood floor can be colored differently than the original floor color. Thus, scratches will be more obvious.

Method 2: Removes deep scratches

  1. For deeper scratches, you will need a fine sandpaper. Be sure to sand over the wood fibers and follow the groove.
  2. Next, clean the remaining fine dust from the sanding using a dry cloth. Rub it gently.
  3. Once you are sure it has been cleaned, coat the scratched area with wood filler. Use a special putty knife (made of plastic or metal). Make sure you use a wood filler that matches the color of your wood floors.
  4. Once fully charged, allow the filler to dry completely. After the filler is dry, puree the surface using less coarse sandpaper. You should use hand sandpaper and rub it gently.
  5. After that, seal the sanded area using a varnish, politur, polyurethane, or similar product with the help of a brush. Again, make sure the color is the same.


  • Do not use foam rollers to apply polyurethane if you do not want air bubbles when it’s drying out. This, however, does not apply to small scratches in a smaller area.
  • Do not use wood putty to fix the wooden floor because the patch will look very clear.


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