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Bamboo Flooring Versus Hardwood

Bamboo Flooring Versus Hardwood

Are you planning to make bamboo or hardwood as your home floor? Which of the bamboo flooring versus hardwood is better for flooring? Check out the explanation below.

Bamboo flooring is an alternative to replace hardwood flooring as a floor cover material. The bamboo material is easy and fast in installation. In addition to the bamboo material is easy to obtain, bamboo flooring is also environmentally friendly because it takes 3-5 years to reach its age. Unlike solid wood that takes up to 20 years to reach its age.  Some types of bamboo have their own uniqueness when it is made as a floor. Some types of bamboo have an interesting and distinctive color, such as yellow, light brown and dark brown. Each type of bamboo has different thickness levels so there will be a lot of variety for the price of this bamboo floor.

Bamboo flooring has three variants based on installation, namely vertical flooring (bamboo split and arranged vertically), horizontal flooring (bamboo split and arranged horizontally) and strain woven flooring (bamboo crushed and pressed). In addition to bamboo can be processed into a unique and beautiful floor, bamboo can also be made and processed into the bamboo board. Display of bamboo board is similar to the plywood is measuring 1.22 m x 2.44 m with a thickness of 18 mm. Installation of bamboo boards is also very easy ie it can be installed using wood glue, screws or nails.


  • It has a distinctive bamboo look with beautiful colors.
  • The bamboo flooring is strong.
  • Anti-termite.
  • Resistant to moisture because bamboo has more dense pores than hardwood.
  • It has a high enough resistance to water because it has a top coating.
  • It has prices.


  • If it is damaged then it should be replaced.
  • It is durable but only lasts the longest 5-6 years if the floor is always in good care.
  • It’s thinner than hardwood flooring.

The solid wood floor comes from a log of intact wood that is processed into a floor. Not all types of hardwood can be used as a parquet floor. The type of wood that is popularly used as a base material is teak, ironwood, and Oak wood. The important thing is that the wood is not easy to expand, shrink, and have good fiber.


  • The appearance is more natural.
  • Hardwood flooring can be finishing over 6 times.
  • It is more durable and able to withstand heavy loads rather than bamboo flooring.
  • It can absorb heat and cold.
  • Hardwood floors can be termed as long-term investments because it can increase the selling value of a property.


  • It is prone to scratches.
  • It cannot withstand extreme weather because it does not have dense pores like bamboo flooring.
  • Wood floor color will easily fade if exposed to direct sun, therefore it is not suitable for the exterior.
  • Hardwood flooring is not resistant to high humidity levels.

Recently, the bamboo floor is considered more environmentally friendly because bamboo has a fast-growing ability and will not affect the exploitation of natural resources. Let’s compare if we use hardwood material that takes longer to grow in order to be re-harvested. For that, the appreciation of the bamboo floor today is really big now. Developers compete for innovation.

Actually, to care for bamboo or hardwood flooring is the same in outline. Here are tips you can do to care for bamboo or hardwood floors:

  1. It would be better if you take off your shoes while walking on the floor.
  2. Avoid cleaning chemicals or lubricants that can make the floor become dull and damaged.
  3. Do not move heavy furniture by sliding but lifting is better.
  4. Do not use a broom that has a rough brush when you clean the floor.


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