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Best Paint Finish for Front Door

Best Paint Finish for Front Door

There are many kinds of wooden furniture finishing products used either in the home or industrial scale. In order for your wood front door look good, luxurious, and elegant then you have to give finishing touch. Finishing aims to protect the wood material to be durable, mushroom-free and provide an alluring look. There are various kinds of best paint finish for front door that you can choose, among others melamine, varnish, politure, and aqua politure. Of course each has its own features and shortcomings. Here we have summarized the various paint finish as coating for your front door.

  • Melamine

Finishing melamine-based will cause a high gloss finishing effect which means your front door will look glossy like plastic. This is because melamine gives a thick-looking film effect. In fact, melamine can be bad enough for your family’s health. Melamine has a thinner, formaldehyde, acetone, toluene, mercury content which is very dangerous if inhaled by humans when exposed using a spray gun. The whole room will also smell strong and stifle your breathing. Therefore, many manufacturers, especially in Europe and America, are starting to rarely produce melamine. However, this finishing is still easy to find in many countries in Asia because of its cheap price. Another disadvantage of this paint finish is that it can only be applied to interiors that are not exposed to direct sunlight. For coloring on your front door, melamine is available in various paints. There are wood stains with paint colors like cocoa brown, dark brown, sandy brown, etc. There is also melamine doff for an elegant appearance and semi-gloss or glossy for a luxurious appearance.

  • Varnish

Varnish is one type of finishing that is quite desirable besides melamine. Varnish also provides a clear or transparent effect that serves to beautify and protect your front door furniture though not as good as melamine. Excess varnish than melamine is varnish can be applied both on the exterior and interior of the house. Its use is very easy that is by smearing paint on the surface of the front door using a brush or small roller. So do not be surprised if many consumers like this type of paint finish. Varnish contains ingredients that are safe for health. When applying varnish you do not need to worry because the varnish does not smell stung. Unfortunately, the durability of the varnish does not take long if exposed to sunlight for a long time so that the finishing will look faded and dull.

  • Politure

Shellac-based Politure in the form of flakes or yellow bars must be melted using alcohol. To apply Politure fairly easily that is in two ways that are first is Politure sprayed using a spray gun. The second way is to manually apply the surface of the front door using a brush or cloth. The more polish you apply repeatedly it will make this finishing more thick and beautiful.

  • Aqua Politure

Aqua politure or water politure is clear, transparent wood staining and does not cover wood fiber. Finishing water politure is much in demand by many furniture craftsmen because it is easy in applying it. The price is relatively cheap because the diluents are water-based and do not require additional solvent materials. Aqua politure can be applied to either the interior or the exterior of the house because the material content is made to withstand the weather.


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