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Best Type of Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Best Type of Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

There are many different kinds of blinds available. Roller blinds are the best type of blinds for sliding glass doors. Roller blinds are a kind of modern cover that serves to protect your room from excessive direct sunlight especially if your house has a lot of sliding glass doors. The use of roller blinds is suitable for use on windows or glass doors that their presence will give the effect of your room illusion looks modern, compact, elegant, and look taller. Currently, the need for roller blinds is not only for offices but also for home interiors. This is because of its practicality in care and cleaning.

Easy to use

When you are not using roller blind then it will form a scroll above the door. When you will unroll it to cover your sliding glass doors, then you simply pull the scroll using a rope that is available on the side. There are several scroll systems available and you can choose one of them, such as:

  • Chain system: This system requires you to pull the chain to open and close the roller blinds.
  • One-touch system (self-released): This system requires only a slight pull and then the roll will drop by itself until the sliding glass doors are fully closed.
  • Spring flexy stop system: These blinds are operated by pulling a pendulum hanging down the center of the roller blinds. The advantage is to open the door you just need to pull the pendulum with one light tug and the blinds will roll up by itself.
  • Chainless system: The blinds will be given a special spring that can roll and hold the blind automatically with the help of a remote control.

Easy maintenance

The advantage of using roller blind is its ease of maintenance. Roller blinds do not absorb dust and dirt just like curtains do. With this advantage then the homeowner only needs a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner to lift the pile of dust.


Roller blinds not only serve as a glass door cover but are designed to control excess sunlight so as not to make the air in a room feels too hot. Because of this, many blinds and curtains companies are starting to innovate making roller blinds with several types, such as blackouts and dim-outs. These types are created according to the needs of the consumer.

  • Dim-out has the advantage to be able to work well to keep the sun up to 90%. The fabric used is thinner than the blackout so it allows the sun to penetrate. Dim-out is suitable for use in kitchen, bedroom or area that does not require much sun. So it looks like it will be semi-transparent.
  • Blackout works better to control sunlight up to 100%. This type has a thicker cloth so it does not let the sunlight penetrate it. This is the best type of blinds that is perfect for homeowners who really want privacy in practicality.

Choosing the actual type of blinds depends on the needs of the homeowner. There is a wide variety of blinds available and roller blind is an excellent choice as a cover for sliding glass doors. The presence of roller blind will indeed provide additional beauty in the room especially if it matches the interior design of the house.


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