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Best Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Best Vertical Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Choosing the best vertical blinds for sliding glass doors will make the room look simple but elegant. Installing wide vertical blinds can help reduce excessive sunlight entering the room. This blind has a different type based on sliding glass doors design. It is important to recognize the sliding doors design you have as this can be a reference in buying and choosing the right blinds. Vertical blinds come with no motifs or patterns, but they are identical to the plain-colored blades like white, beige and light gray. However, as the needs of consumers evolve, vertical blinds are produced with a variety of vibrant colors such as blue sky, mint, turquoise, and yellow.

Vertical blinds have a variety of designs and sizes that can be adjusted to the size of your sliding glass doors. Now the trend of the use of blinds is not only suitable for use in offices but also in the dwelling. The presence of a vertical blind other than as a regulator of light, it is also useful to save electricity bills because you do not need to look for additional light for lighting. So your room will remain bright but not hot during the day. With these functions, it is no wonder that vertical blinds to be excellent for use in high-rise office buildings or apartments that have glass windows or sliding glass doors that are completely closed.

Excess Vertical Blinds

When compared with curtains, vertical blinds have an affordable price or can be said to be cheaper. It is influenced by the materials used in the manufacture such as plastic and fiber. But for certain types such as vertical blinds made from bamboo or wood then, of course, the price is more expensive. Basically, it all depends on your needs, tastes, and budget. Apart from the price factor, vertical blinds are also easier to clean. You do not need a special tool but only a dry cloth or a vacuum cleaner. Vertical blinds do not need to be washed and dried. Another advantage of vertical blinds is the design of long and high blades that can fool the eyes as if the room looks taller.

Lack of Vertical Blinds

Although vertical blind has many advantages it also has some disadvantages. Vertical blind is not available in various options. Vertical blind is only available in one form but has a variety of colors. It is different from the curtains or other types of blinds like roman shades that have a variety of motifs and beautiful patterns. If there are one or more damage blades on the blind, you should replace it because it cannot be stitched or repaired. Another drawback is that vertical blinds are only suitable to be placed to cover the sliding glass doors in the kitchen, workspace, and back porch.


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