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Blinds and Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Blinds and Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

Blinds and curtains are two different kinds of cover for sliding glass doors. Blinds and curtains will both provide a different look for sliding glass doors. Both have their respective advantages and disadvantages, among them are blinds have various types such as vertical blinds, horizontal blinds, roller blinds, etc. While curtains have no variation, but curtains have a variety of beautiful patterns. Then, which of the blinds and curtains is better and more beautiful? Or, can homeowners install blinds and curtains for sliding glass doors? Before you make a decision, consider the following tips to avoid errors in selection.

  • Blinds for Sliding Glass Door

Blind works to block and filter the sunlight that enters the room through glass doors. This is the advantage of blinds than curtains. When you need sunlight to light up your room but you do not want the indoor air to heat up, you can adjust the position of the blades. If you really want no light at all to penetrate the glass door, you just have to close the blades of the blind. Lately, blind is not only used to cover windows and glass doors in offices and hospitals but homeowners are beginning to take advantage of it. In fact, in addition to being used as a cover for sliding glass doors, blind can be used to sweeten the interior of the house. The presence of blinds can deceive the eyes by giving the illusion effect of the room looks higher.

As we mentioned above, if there are different types of blinds available. Vertical and horizontal blinds have almost the same shape but there are striking differences between the two. Vertical blind has long vertically arranged slats, while horizontal blind is the opposite. The materials used are also the same, such as plastic, wood, and bamboo. Roller blind does not have blades, but it has a whole sheet of covers made of plastic, fabric, satin, and woven fabrics. The treatment of blinds is very easy. You do not need liquids and special equipment. A dry cloth or vacuum cleaner is what you need. If there is a stain on the blind, wipe it immediately by wiping it with a damp cloth, then wipe it again to dry it.

  • Curtains for Sliding Glass Door

Unlike the blind, the curtain does not have different types. Curtains made of dangling cloth covering the entire sliding glass doors. Curtains are equipped with a ribbon attached to a wall hook. Just like blind, curtain also serves to block excessive sunlight. However, the use of curtains may make you a little thought so that later its presence does not make the room seem narrow. Sometimes, the wrong selection of patterns, colors, motifs, and curtains that are too dangling will actually provide a bad visual because it does not fit the theme of your home. As a solution, consider installing curtains with simple patterns or curtains without motifs with bright colors.

Be creative by combining blinds and curtains

Combining blinds and curtains for covering the sliding glass door is an idea worth trying. To install both, choose horizontal blinds or roller blinds instead of vertical blinds. The shape of the blades on the horizontal blinds will look sweet and harmonious when collaborated with the curtains.


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