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Blinds or Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

Blinds or Drapes for Sliding Glass Doors

To bring a new atmosphere in your home, replacing the sliding glass doors cover can be a good alternative to try. There are several kinds of cover for sliding glass doors are available, such as blinds and drapes. Both have the same functions to block sunlight and visibility from outside the home. However, both have differences in these abilities. We know if the blinds are not too thick so when you look outdoors you can still see the situation though faintly. In contrast to blinds, drapes are thicker so the privacy inside the house can be maintained better. Then, which of the blinds or drapes is suitable for sliding glass doors?


Blinds are glass door covers that have a unique look. It is made up of vertical or horizontal slats, rigid, lightweight, and simple so it is suitable for homeowners who like minimalist and modern style. To open and close it is very different from drapes. Blinds are operated by pulling a rope then the blades will open from left to right or top to bottom, depending on which blinds model is used. Materials used are usually vinyl, aluminum plastic, fabric, bamboo to wood. Several types of fabrics are now also available in a variety of hues and simple colors. Because the material is light so the treatment is very practical. You do not need to remove and wash the blinds. By doing a routine cleaning using a dry cloth or a damp cloth just make the blinds clean from the pile of dust.

Blinds are suitable for use on sliding glass doors in the kitchen or back porch. They are not only suitable to cover glass windows, but also apply to sliding glass doors. If you want blinds for sliding glass doors, then you should first measure the height and width of your sliding doors. Because blinds have a variety of types, then before you go to the store, make sure first what kind of blinds you need. Some types of blinds you can choose, such as horizontal blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, Venetian blinds, and roller blinds. Although blinds are thinner than drapes, blinds do not require vitrase because the presence of vitrase will actually remove the aesthetic value of the blinds themselves.


Drapes have shapes that look like curtains at a glance. However, drapes are heavier and thicker so as to allow sunlight to not penetrate. Due to the thicker shape and material, vitrase is not needed. Drapes are better suited for classic-style homes, but there’s nothing wrong with using them in a minimalist and modern style home. You simply choose what kind of motif or pattern that matches. Drapes are generally hung with rings on top of a pole. When drapes are opened, you just have to shift them to the left and right sides then hold them with a tie back. Or you can also just stack the drapes on the left and right. Materials commonly used to make drapes are cotton, satin, calico, velvet, and woven fabric. Because the drapes are thick, exclusive, and heavy then the price is also more expensive than curtains or blinds. Drapes are suitable for use on glass windows and sliding glass doors in the bedroom. The use of big sliding glass doors with drapes is a perfect blend for those of you who crave privacy.

Have you decided which one will you choose between the two? Basically, blinds and drapes are both beautiful and elegant, but their use depends on the theme of the room and your needs. The presence of both can be tricky if you are not careful in choosing. Look for references on the internet or come directly to the store for advice before you pick one of them up.


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