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Car Garage Floor Ideas

Car Garage Floor Ideas

Having a car garage or can be called a carport is a must for car owners. The existence of a garage will certainly make the car safe from heat, rain, and dust. Choosing the right type of car garage flooring material is also a must. There are various types of garage flooring material that you can choose and each material has different look and advantages. If you want to choose the material of the garage floor covering, then make sure the surface is coarse textured so it is not slippery when poured in water. In addition, choose materials that have a strong endurance and not easily cracked because it will withstand vehicle load. Finally, consider also about the treatment. Choose the type of floor material that is easy to care and not easily dirty. Here are some car garage floor ideas that can be considered.

  • Ceramics

For the use of ceramics on the exterior of the house, especially on the carport floor, you should choose to use special ceramics. Usually, ceramic manufacturers have a variety of collections with its own series. Choose a small ceramic 30 cm x 30 cm because it is more able to withstand heavy car loads. In addition, ceramics with special use for carport usually have a texture. This aims to keep the floor slippery and the car tires do not slip. Ceramic motifs are also varied and can be customized to your taste.

  • Natural stone

Natural stone cut or crushed natural stone is equally good for use on carport. Its hard texture is perfect for holding your vehicle load. However, choose a natural stone floor that is specific to the use of garage flooring because most of the natural stone floors are slippery and shiny. Natural stone material which is commonly used as carport floor coverings is Andesite stone. Its stone color tends to darkly disguise the stain and give a natural impression. To prevent fungus, you can coat the surface of natural stone floor with coating liquid. Natural stone flooring has a variety of sizes and beautiful patterns that will add more value to the look of your garage.

  • Paving grass block

Paving grass block is a building material composition made from a mixture of Portland cement and hydraulic adhesive material. The main function of paving grass block is to cover the surface of the ground but not as a whole. This is because the grass block has hollow sections in the middle allowing the grass to grow. Another advantage you can get when using the grass block is it ensures the availability of clean groundwater as rainwater can seep into the soil.

  • Plaster of Cement

The most inexpensive and cost-effective material of the above materials is the cement plaster. To save costs, sometimes the carport floor is made with a layer of cement or plaster then the surface is made a pattern or a particular shape using a special tool called trowel. In addition to a very affordable price, this garage floor will produce attractive patterns that really suit your taste.


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