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Different Types of Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Different Types of Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Blinds are a cover for windows or glass doors. The shape is different from the curtains. Blinds work to block the sun’s light from fully entering the house through glass doors. If you have sliding glass doors, you can also use the blind as a cover. Just before you install it, you should know first the different types of blinds for sliding glass doors are suitable. Broadly speaking, blinds fall into two groups namely horizontal blinds and vertical blinds. But over the times, blinds now come with different types and more innovative but still in the same form that is open horizontally. What are they?

Horizontal blinds are sliding glass doors cover consisting of long horizontal blades. When a rope is pulled the blades will open simultaneously so that the light entering through the glass can be filtered properly. Horizontal blind has no motifs, patterns or bright colors. Generally, it only consists of certain colors just like white or gray and plain. Because it consists of the arrangement of blades, the materials used are rigid materials such as plastic, wood, and bamboo. The presence of horizontal blinds in the form of wood or bamboo will add aesthetic value and create a warm atmosphere in your room. So that horizontal blind is perfect if it is installed on sliding glass doors in the kitchen directly to the back porch.

Vertical blinds are the same as horizontal blinds consisting of long, regular squares but vertically. Initially, the use of blinds used as a regulator of sunlight used for offices because this blind has a formal impression but minimalist. However, now many homeowners are also interested in using it as a cover of their big sliding glass doors. The shape of its high blades creates the illusion of the room looking taller. Its practical use also adds to its advantages over using curtains. The materials used to make vertical blinds are usually made of rigid textured plastic. Some types of vertical blinds available include dim-out, blackout, and solar Screen. Each type of blind has its own character and privileges, so the price also varies. Vertical blinds are the same as horizontal blinds that are rigid, plain, unmarked, and consist of only a few neutral colors like white, gray, and dark blue.

The other type of blinds is roller blinds. It is has a simple, practical look, and works better than horizontal or vertical blinds to block out sunlight and maintain privacy. The shape is like a long sheet if pulled from the top down as you will close your big sliding glass doors. When you are going to open it, these blinds will form a scroll up. Another advantage of roller blinds than the other two blinds is that it has a variety of colors. There are various colors available such as white, gray, light brown, light gray, mint, turquoise, etc. The types are also varied, ranging from semi-transparent, thick to blackout. Roller blind is very suitable and beautiful if it is used on sliding glass doors that lead directly to the sunset appears.


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