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DIY Glass Door Etching

DIY glass door etching

Are you redecorating your glass door? Do not rush to replace old glass door with new ones. With a little creativity, you can get a new look on your plain glass. Etching is a technique used to draw plain glass using vinyl paper and stickers. Drawing on the glass is very easy and you do not need any special skills in drawing. The resulting image or text effect is colorless but still beautiful. Before you begin, consider first whether it is necessary to remove the glass from the door frame or not. If you remove the glass, place a soft, clean, and flat base to prevent the glass from scratching during the etching process. You can use a towel, cloth, or table of the same size as long and as wide as the size of the glass. Below are 8 easy and simple steps to make DIY glass door etching.

  1. You will need a vinyl sheet with the adhesive behind it. The vinyl used is the same as vinyl for wall decoration. You can buy one roll in a craft store.
  2. Measure the width and length of your glass door.
  3. Then, draw a pattern or text you want. Make sure the size of the pattern matches your glass door size. For those of you who do not have the talent of drawing, you can download images on the internet and print one of them. Paste the desired pattern on the vinyl sheet. When you get the picture, pattern or text, then cut it in the line of the outline. Use a cutter or similar sharp cutting tools to get a neat cut. Remove the cut and leave the vinyl sheet. Remember, you only need to cut the vinyl base linings. Do not remove two sheets, let both still stick together. After that, place some sort of sticker paper over the cut pattern.
  4. Then, peel the back of the vinyl that has the adhesive. Do it carefully.
  5. Dampen the glass door with foamy water. This is done in order to avoid possible attachment errors. After that, stick the vinyl on the surface of the glass door. Set the position you have imagined before. Once you are sure the vinyl is in the correct position, dry the glass door by wiping the surface with a dry cloth. Remove the sticker paper. Place the vinyl and press firmly. Use your fingertips to flatten it. If you find a bubble trapped between glass door and vinyl, open a little vinyl layer and flatten it with your finger.
  6. After that, coat the patterned glass with etching cream. Follow the instructions on the bottle. Let the etching cream coat the glass surface for about 15 minutes or until the cream dries. It is worth noting. The process of applying etching cream should be careful because the end result is permanent. If any part of the glass is exposed to this cream, then the stain cannot be removed. The etching cream is acidic so it alters the glass surface permanently.
  7. Then, clean the cream with soapy water. Use a soft wet cloth to scrub all the cream surfaces. Once the glass door surface has been clean, carefully remove the vinyl sheet.
  8. Again, wash the glass door with soapy water. Wipe the glass door using a soft and dry microfiber cloth in one direction. Admire the beauty of the etching glass door from your own work.


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