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DIY summer wreaths for front door

diy summer wreaths for front door

The wreath is not only displayed at certain times, such as Christmas and Easter. Now, the wreath has begun on display for all time as when summer comes. As we know, wreath sold in the shop is very interesting, beautiful, and tempting to buy. But on average they are quite expensive. Instead, you can actually create an attractive and cost-effective one using flip-flops. You can easily get flip-flops in the market store at a low price.

This summer wreath cannot only be hung as a display for the front door, but also for your house fence. In addition to the presence of wreath can beautify your home exterior, bright colors on flip-flops will further strengthen your joy in the summer. You do not need any special skills and many materials as well as equipment because the wreath you will make is very simple, very unique, and very cheap. Here are the materials and steps you need to make DIY summer wreaths for front door.

Materials and tools needed:

  • Flip-flops in different colors.
  • Plastic flowers without the trunks.
  • A circular Styrofoam. (The size is tailored to your liking.)
  • Glue shot.

You do not have to buy new ones specifically for flip-flops and sunglasses. You can take advantage of your old sunglasses and flip-flops that are still in pretty good shape. You just need to align every color of each flip-flop you have. Just be creative.


Prepare the Styrofoam. Apply glue on the back of the flip-flop, just in one place. Then, attach the flip-flop to the Styrofoam. Create different formations on each flip-flop. After all the Styrofoam surfaces are covered by flip-flops, it’s time to stick the flowers. Apply glue to the flowers, then paste them one by one spread on the sidelines of the flip-flops. Arrange them in different colors. The function of flowers in addition to beautifying the wreath is also to cover the sidelines of the flip-flop so that the Styrofoam is completely covered. Do not forget the sunglasses. Paste them with glue. Your wreath summer is almost done. Hang it on the nail that sticks in your front door.

There are many wreath ideas that you can apply for this year’s summer, one of which is to use flip-flops. Making a wreath is actually not difficult at all. However, the more material you use and the more difficult it will make, the more difficult it will be. With the information you get and with your own creativity, you can actually create a unique, interesting, and beautiful one. Maybe the summer wreath you create can attract the attention of friends who visit. Maybe they want a wreath like you have and this could be a good opportunity for you to start a home business.


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