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Feng Shui Colors for Northwest Front Door

Feng Shui Colors for Northwest Front Door

Have you ever heard of a front door facing the northwest given a certain paint color to bring positive energy? While the same color as the opposite wind direction will bring negative or bad energy for the homeowner’s fortune. This is believed by those who believe in Feng Shui. All the directions of the wind and the appropriate Feng Shui colors will provide different luck and positive energy. ┬áIn Feng Shui, the direction of the front door is very determining the balance of the house. In Feng Shui belief, the direction, position, and color of the front door are calculated based on the date birth of the head of the family. Here we summarize the positive and negative impacts of Feng Shui colors for the northwest front door on your daily life.

Feng Shui Color

The best color choices for the northwest facing door are the colors of the metal feng shui elements, for example, white and gray. These colors symbolize purity, simplicity, tenderness, and grace. So it is expected either white or gray color can provide a positive impact for residents of the house. Meanwhile, the alternative color option is soil element, such as brown or red brick. These colors also symbolize simplicity and elegance. The choice of neutral colors can also reflect the heat so that the heat of the sun coming through the door will be reduced. But unlike the dark colors that will actually store heat.

Positive Impact for Homeowners

The house or front door facing the northwest is identified with a great leader and has a great job. In addition, the inhabitants also have excellent luck in the economic field. Since the direction of the southwest wind is related to people who love to help others, you should pay attention to the color selection. The northwest direction also shows wisdom so that homeowners tend to be careful in making decisions, so it is no wonder if they are trusted by many people. Homeowners whose doors face the northwest will always have positive minds every morning because when they open the door, the sunrise will calm their minds.

When you want to build a house, you really need to pay attention to the direction of the front door and the color. It will indirectly affect your luck. In feng shui, the right color selection for the northwest can affect the luck of the homeowner. In addition, the right feng shui colors also play a role in the balance of life you want. So before you build a house, consider first which way the front door will you face and what color you will apply so you can get balance and harmony in life.


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