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Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack DIY

Floor to Ceiling Bike Rack DIY

Lately, the need for bicycles is favored by people who live in the city. Bicycles are an eco-friendly, practical, and easy-to-use transportation tool. In addition, bicycles can be the cheapest transportation. Almost everyone can use bicycles. However, some bike owners who own a house with limited space or small apartments do not have a bicycle garage. A bike does not require a big space but if the owner does not keep his bike in a good place then it is possible the bike will be damaged or rusty. Actually, you can make your own bike rack at home. You can even hang your bike on the wall of the living room and bedroom. Floor to ceiling bike rack is one alternative solution that is often applied by bike users. Follow the steps below to make floor to ceiling bike rack diy.

If you have a plain wall in the apartment then this empty area can be used as a suitable place to hang your bike. Many hangers are sold in bike shops or sports stores that are devoted to withstand such heavy burden. Purchase equipment and materials needed that have national security standards, such as:

  • Dynabolt: 8 mm size
  • Special bike hanger
  • Marker as a drill point marker
  • Concrete drill machine and concrete drill bit 8 mm diameter
  • Small hammer
  • Fitting ring: 12 mm size

Stages of Work:

Mark the point on the wall to be drilled with a marker. Drill the marked point and drill it. Make sure the drill depth fits the dynabolt size. Attach the dynabolt to the borehole then slowly hit it with a hammer. Then, tighten the dynabolt nut with a 12 mm fitting ring lock. Then loosen a little dynabolt nut to put the bike hanger. After that, tighten the nut so you get a sturdy bike hanger. Your bicycle is ready to be mounted on the finished hanger.

For those of you who like the practicality and have no expertise to create their own bike racks, there is a special and simple solution for storing bikes. A German designer, Juergen Benek has created a simple shelf that you can even keep the bike helmet in one place. Benek’s invention is called “Shelfie”. To install “Shelfie” is very easy. You just put a small box that has provided some hanging tools. But you have to be patient to get this special bike rack because Benek is still trying to make it on a large scale.

In addition to the above ways, you can also save the bike in the empty space contained under your mattress. However, if it is not possible, you can create a multifunctional locking tool. For example, you can combine a bookshelf with a bike rack. Make a hole in the top and bottom of the bookshelf to be paired with special bike hangers. However, make sure first if the bookshelf is safe and strong to hold the burden of the bike.


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