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Front Door Paint DIY

Front Door Paint DIY

Do you want to get a more attractive and new looking front door? You do not have to replace your old front door to get it, but repainting it can be the solution. For those of you who are not a professional in finishing, doing the finishing process may seem difficult. But actually not, even a beginner or housewife can also do front door paint diy. For beginners, there are two things in the finishing required is the material to be applied and what kind of product will be applied. To get a quality product and durable, it does require a more expensive cost but the results are worth it. We recommend that in terms of product selection you come to the building store to get the product that suits your needs and budget.

The wooden door deserves to be shown its wood fibers. Therefore, using products that provide transparent natural colors is one of the best choices. You can try a paint product that contains politur. Or, if you want a different look on your wooden door, repainting it with bright colors that are a trend can also be the second option. For example, you want to paint the front door with white paint then the color of the door frame should be light gray or contrasting colors like royal blue, red brick, yellow gold, mint or turquoise. However, if the color of the front door is a light or soft color, then consider using a gradation color that is one level brighter on the door frame.

Then, how to apply paint on the front door properly and free brush mark?

Materials and Tools needed:

  • 3 inches brush or sponge brush
  • Natural wood paint / varnish
  • Solvent (thinner or water)
  • Clear coat
  • Aluminum oxide sandpaper
  • Clean and dry cloth
  • Sandpaper

First, puree the surface of your wooden door using sandpaper to keep it clean of dirt and mold. Sanding is also done with the aim of removing the old coating. Then, use a dry cloth to wipe the surface of the door so that the surface is completely clean of the sanding remnants. Next, paint the varnish paint with the appropriate solvent. Read the recommended usage instructions and dosages that are written on the pack. Stir until both liquids are well blended. Remember, when you are going to apply any paint, always stir the paint because the precipitation will happen which will give a different color look.

For a paint-free brush mark, you should use a brush with a fine brush or sponge brush type. The sponge brush can absorb paint well and leave no brush marks. The third step is to apply the paint on the front door surface. Do a sweep by following the wood fiber because if it is opposite then the wood fiber will be covered by brush strokes. This will certainly disappoint you. Make sure you cover all the surface of the front door with varnish paint.

Wait for the paint to dry. Then, puree for the second time using a smoother type of sandpaper. Notice, this sanding aims to soften the surface texture of the door so you do not need to remove the whole paint until it shows the initial appearance. After that, re-apply the paint with a brush in the direction of the wood fiber. In this stage, you can apply the paint repeatedly to get the desired color. The final step is the application of clear coat for the paint to last long and your new front door looks shiny.


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