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Garage Door Xmas Decoration

garage door Xmas decoration

December is coming! Have you started preparing for Christmas? Christmas is one of the special moments to gather with family and relatives in peace and joy. So, make sure the atmosphere at home also helped spread the peace and warmth of Christmas. Anyhow Christmas without decoration will feel less complete. No matter how small the Xmas decoration is made, it can have a major impact to evoke a festive mood. There are some interesting ideas of Xmas decoration that you can apply to beautify the interior and exterior appearance of your home. This time we present some inspiration style and special room decoration to welcome the Christmas celebration. We also present unique tips for making your own Xmas decoration. Are you interested? We will start from making a wreath for the garage door of the house.

A circular bouquet or that we know as a wreath is one of the most obligatory garage door Xmas decoration we have. The look is very beautiful can be a greeter who gives the impression of warmth and love from homeowners. If you have a two-door garage door, it may not be a bad idea to install two wreaths. There are three ideas that you can consider. The first idea is to install two wreaths with small sizes and placed in the center on each garage door. While the second idea is to place two wreaths right at the edge of the door with a half circle wreath so that when the garage doors are closed then you will have one big wreath. You do not need to buy it and even you can be creative to make your liking, unique and definitely cool.


  • Iron circle with 12-inch size (adjust)
  • Plastic leaves and flowers with sturdy stems
  • Glue shot
  • Gold spray paint
  • Thin wire
  • Cutter
  • Rope
  • Buttons, pines, animal-shaped toys or unique objects that you want to install

How to make:

  • Paste the plastic leaves and flowers along the iron circle. Glue them using glue shot and tie them with a thin wire to keep them off. The next stage is to put unique objects between leaves and plastic flowers using thin wire and glue also. In this section, use your imagination and creativity to produce a unique wreath. Once all the objects are installed properly along the iron circle, it is time to spray the entire surface with gold spray paint. Wait and let stand until your wreath dries perfectly. For the end, tie it with a rope so you can hang it in front of your garage door.

Next, you can add a ribbon ornament in the garage door. The size of these ribbons is tailored to the size of your garage door. You can install a green or red ribbon on the top of the garage door. Develop your ideas to compile them. The ribbons can also be combined with the wreaths you have created. For example, paste the ribbon along the door by making a center groove like a crescent moon. In the center of the ribbon, you can attach your small wreath. A combination of beautiful and unique wreaths and ribbons you have created to enliven Christmas Eve. The third idea is to create a mural. For those of you who cannot draw, you can hire the services of painters to make paintings on your garage door. The paintings that are displayed also vary depending on your wishes. Imagine if your garage door features a picture of Santa Claus and the reindeer carrying Christmas gifts. It is very beautiful, isn’t it?


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