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Garage Door Xmas Lights

Garage Door Xmas Lights

Christmas is on the way! Have you started thinking about fixtures to decorate the house to celebrate Christmas Eve? Surely you want something fresh and more interesting for Christmas this year, do not you? To make it happen, you can change the look of the garage to make it more interesting. Decorating a house to greet and celebrate Christmas does not have to install all the pretty trinkets inside the house. You can be creative with your garage. You can install and hang beautiful lights for a different impression. Then, how to hang the garage door Xmas lights? We have made a list of what items you need and the steps. Keep reading to get the idea.

Choose the lights you need. There are various types of Xmas lights with various shapes available you can use, including mini lights, icicle lights, C9 lights, and blow mold lights. Do a little research on the different types of lights you might want to put as a decoration in the garage door:

  • Mini lights or mesh lights are the standard lamps used in homes or for landscapes.
  • Icicle light or C-series lamps that are stranded down regularly installed on the roof of the house. The shape is unique and beautiful when it is hanging like droplets of frozen ice.
  • C9 lights are colorful oval-shaped lampshades. C9 lights are usually installed on the roof of the house.
  • Blow molds are plastic sculptures shaped like deer, Santa, and other lighted figures. The size of blow molds varies from the mini to large. It’s usually placed all over the home page. However, blow molds in the form of strands will look beautiful if it is hung on the roof of your garage door.

Then measure the width of your garage door. Consider how much you want to hang the lights on the door. You can be creative with two types of lights available. For example, hang icicle lights on the roof of the garage door. When the lights turn on then the icicle lights will look like flickering ice droplets. For the second type of lights, consider hanging colorful mini lights. At Christmas Eve and lights are turned on, your garage door will look very festive and beautiful. In this session, you can create how to decorate the lights, whether hanging the lights by covering the entire garage door or just hanging in some areas. It’s up to you. If you feel the decoration lights less festive, you can add another decoration for additional decoration. Painting garage doors is a good idea. Draw your door with a Santa Clause painting with its reindeer flying above the pole or making a mural that says Merry Christmas. With the addition of painting, then Xmas lights decoration is also adjusted so as not to cover paintings made. Another idea is that you can place a large wreath wrapped with colored lights. Hang the lights wreath on the roof of the garage or in the middle of the garage door. Again, be creative to get a unique and beautiful look.

Celebrate and enliven the moment of Christmas Eve does not have to always decorate the interior of the house. With a little creativity, your home exterior like a garage door can also be utilized. Lights really play a big role to enliven the Christmas night, but you also have to pay attention to the electricity you use. Pay attention not to overload your budget by installing lots of lights. Alternatively, pick and buy lights that are power-efficient and durable to be reused at Christmas celebrations next year.


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