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Glass Door Etching

Glass Door Etching

Decorating glass doors is one way that is currently widely considered by homeowners. Glass door etching or also known as glass sandblasting is one of the glass decorations that are currently popular. This gorgeous and unique glass serves to visually limit the appearance with a blur like ice glass that forms a certain motif. In addition to sandblasting techniques that will provide permanent results, glass etching effects can also be obtained by sticker sticking, so the resulting pattern is not permanent. So when you want a new motif on the glass door, you can remove the old sticker and paste the new one. Etching glass is made by spraying the clear glass surface with fine sand to form a certain decorative pattern. With this technique, the glass surface will erode according to the desired pattern. Side effects caused are dust and dirt easily attached and rather difficult to remove. Therefore, this decorative glass will be good if it is installed inside the house like as a kitchen door and bathroom door. Here we share tips on how to make your own beautiful glass door etching using stickers.

Tools and materials needed:

  • Special sticker for sandblasting
  • Tissues
  • Cloth
  • Shampoo
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Stepper
  • Cutter
  • Glass

The first step is to prepare the sticker. You can get stickers at nearby stores or you can create your own to get a different glass door look. If you want to make a sticker motif, draw first the desired motif on the sticker surface. Then cut the sticker using a cutter.

The second step is to prepare the liquid shampoo. This shampoo liquid is needed to clean the glass surface of the impurities. Fill the spray bottle with a mixture of water and shampoo then shake the bottle to mix liquids. Spray the liquid over the glass etching surface. Scrub the surface of the glass using a dry cloth with a circular motion and pressing so that the dirt can be cleaned. Then wipe once more glass etching using a dry cloth to clean the remnants of shampoo and dirt that remains. Clean until the glass surface is completely clean. After the glass is cleaned, wet the surface of the sticker. This step aims to lubricate the sticker surface so as not to stick directly to the glass. Thus, in case of a sticking error, you can still fix it by sliding the sticker without contaminating the glass surface or damaging the sticker.

The last step is to install stickers on the glass surface. If the sticker position is not good, then you just need to shift the sticker position as desired. Once the sticker is in the right position then clean the shampoo with a damp cloth. Then stick the sticker slowly but do not need to be pressed. Next, prepare a stepper that has been wrapped with a rather thick tissue. This needs to be done to prevent scratches on the sticker surface as it rubs against the stepper. In order for the air bubbles and shampoo liquid to completely disappear, scrub the sticker surface with the stepper.


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