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Glass Door Vs Shower Curtain

Glass Door Vs Shower Curtain

Which one is better between glass door vs shower curtain? We know both are useful to prevent water out of the shower area. However, there are interesting facts about the shower curtain you should know if you intend to use it as a cover of your bathtub or shower border. Or, if any of you are already using a shower curtain? If you answered yes, you should be careful because there is a possibility it endangers your health.

Practical use, cheap price, unique designs, and varied motifs are the advantages of the shower curtain. However, a study conducted by the non-profit Center for Health, Environment and Justice, USA found that most of the shower curtain products that are sold on the market are made of polyvinylchloride. The material contains substances that are harmful to health. The harmful substance consists of phthalate, organotin, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Type of VOC is not only one but reach 100 types. When examined, the air content obtained in some places using shower curtain is very high after being used for 28 days. The fact is obtained by not changing the temperature and humidity of the room. If the room temperature increases, then it is likely that the level of harmful chemical substances will increase in the air.

Of course, the hazardous materials will have a negative impact. One example is the cause of the disease that affects poorly in the male reproductive system. In addition, the VOC also disrupts the respiratory system, damages the nervous system, and triggers the occurrence of problems in the liver and kidneys. If you are in doubt, you should choose to use glass door instead of shower curtain. Glass door does not contain any chemicals that harm your health. For the treatment is also easier than the shower curtain.

Another reason why the glass door is better used as a coverage of the shower is that the type of glass used is tempered glass. This glass is more resistant to temperature/thermal changes. If there is warming in the room, then the edge of the glass will remain relatively cold so as to reduce the expansion of glass. This causes the glass to be not easily broken due to temperature changes. In addition, the tempered glass door has the strength to impact 4-5 times that of ordinary glass. Tempered glass is classified as glass with excellent safety level. When the glass breaks then the glass will be small pieces that are not sharp and not scatter on the floor thus reducing the risk of serious injury.

Indeed, glass door has a more expensive price than a shower curtain. But this is worth it than choosing a shower curtain with harmful effects. Furthermore, you will use either of them for a long time, will not you? But still, the best choice is on you.


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