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Glass Door You Can’t See Through

glass door that you can’t see through

Glass doors do have their own aesthetic value. Currently, the glass doors are not only available in transparent form but are also opaque and patterned. In addition, the type of glass used was also varied ranging from thin glass to tempered glass that is tailored to their respective functions. Transparent glass is quite desirable especially if mounted on the patio door because its presence makes the sunlight can enter the house without you have to open the door. But for the privacy side, transparent glass does not work well. There are several types of glass doors that work well to keep the view from outside the house through the glass. For those of you who are looking for a glass door that you can’t see through, here we share some of them.


Decorative glass is a colored or patterned glass in some areas or across the glass surface. This type of glass has many kinds, such as melton glass, fusion glass, stained glass, and sandblasted glass. Due to the appearance of a patterned and colored decorative glass, its use is usually placed as a bathroom door, kitchen door, and workroom door. Instead, avoid using the ornamental door as your front door because the amount of dust is feared will stick to the sticker.

  • Melton glass comes from the word ‘melt’ and ‘on’ which means the melted glass. This type of glass is made by melting at 900ºC for 20 hours and molded according to the design. The surface itself has a texture similar to engraving if it is touched. Because of its textured shape, it is perfect for the partition of bathroom or bedroom door as an alternative to reduce the use of wood materials.
  • Glass fusion is a stacked glass and then burned to become one unified whole. This glass is regenerated after melton glass. The advantage of this type of glass is it has a colorful hue like a rainbow appearance.
  • Stained glass is a blend of painting and color art by using tin, zinc, or copper frames that are joined together. Stained glass is less good if applied to the front door directly exposed to sunlight. It is feared the color will quickly fade. This type of glass is also very beautiful when used as a partition interior.
  • Sandblasting Glass: There are two techniques of making sandblasting glass that is the first technique is to spray the glass surface with fine sand. With this technique, a transparent glass surface will be eroded according to the pattern. The second technique is to attach the stickers to a transparent glass surface.


Lamina glass or also known as the laminated glass is a safety glass that consists of two pieces of glass combined with one or more sheets of polyvinyl film that is transparent, flexible, and strong. Between the two glass is inserted a thin material as decoration in the form of a patterned cloth, paper, painting, or photographs. Lamina glass is very safe to use because if the glass is broken then the pieces will not fall scattered on the floor but, broken glass will be attached to the film. This glass is widely used in buildings that require high security, such as skylights, glass walls, stairs, glass floors, and others.


This glass is also called one-way glass. It is a reflective coated glass made of a thin metal layer. The coating may be semi-transparent or not transparent but still opaque. In short, the nature of this glass is almost the same as glass rayben but the reflective glass is not transparent on one side. This is because the thin metal layer is applied to the reflective glass.


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