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Hardwood Floors and Dogs Nails

hardwood floors and dogs nails

Having a pet like a dog can indeed have a good impact on one’s psychology. A dog can be fun playmates when you are in a bad mood. But its presence at home can also have a bad impact on your wooden floor. Actually, no hardwood floors are completely resistant to dogs nail. The nature of hardwood that is easily damaged, especially if exposed to dog nail scratch will certainly reduce its aesthetic value. For those of you who are looking for the best solution for hardwood floors and dogs’ nails, here we provide the reviews.

Choose the hardest type of wood flooring, such as teak, ironwood, and oak. A good hardwood floor has good resistance so it will be more resistant to small friction than the type of laminate floor. The application of paint or finishing can also help keep scratches from entering the wood fiber. We recommend that you select a type of finishing that has anti-scratch products. The use of finishing is also very easy because you do not need to do the repeated painting because of the damage caused by the scratching of your dog’s nails.

A cute and adorable dog can be a threat to your hardwood floors at home. This pet often plays around, running around inside the house, even clawing the floor. Sometimes it also likes to laze by stretching his body while pressing his nails on the floor. To avoid scratches on your hardwood floors, then do not let the nails sharp and long. Cut periodically and rub the tips of the nails to smooth and evenly. In addition to long and sharp nails that can harm your hardwood flooring, dog nails can also harm the owner. Dogs are animals and they may suddenly become aggressive or difficult to control. You have to cut the dog’s nails for your family’s safety.

Train your dog to stop scratching the floor can also be an easy solution. It is quite difficult to get used to your dog, but it is also good for the dog not to damage the hardwood floor. Usually, dogs close to the owner will be easy to follow the rules made by the owner because of the bonding between the two. So if you and your dog are close, then training your dog to be nice is not difficult. In addition, using a carpet in a certain area can also help. Place a soft rug for your dog to stay quiet and laze on it. Make it used to be on the carpet so as not to damage your wooden floors.


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