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Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Shine

Homemade Wood Floor Cleaner Shine

How to polish wood floors without chemicals? Are there natural ingredients that we can use? Actually, there are some natural ingredients that we can use to clean and polish the wooden floor of the house. What’s more, you can make your own. Lately, this homemade wood floor cleaner is being favored because the ingredients naturally do not damage and harm the wood floor. Natural wood floor cleaner can also work just as well with commercial cleaners to remove dirt, dust, and stains. We have summarized five natural ingredients to make homemade wood floor cleaner shine.

  • Candlenut

We know candlenut as one of the spices. Candlenut is also famous to have a good content to take care of hair. But apparently, candlenut oil is also very good for taking care of the wood furniture. To make a wood floor cleaner from candlenut oil, all you have to do is burn some seeds of candlenuts until the oil comes out. Then, mix the candlenut oil with hot water. Use a clean cloth and squeeze it hard in order for the cloth to become moist. Apply the liquid to the entire floor that has been cleaned before. After that, wipe your floor with a clean dry cloth so it’s not slippery. Wait for the floor to dry and you will see the wood floor in your house look clean and shiny.

  • Black Tea

You can take advantage of black tea solution to polish your home floor. The step you need is to dissolve two to three bags of black tea with 1.5 liters of hot water. Wipe it using a clean cloth with a circular motion or following a wooden groove. Wait and let the floor dry without you having to wipe for the second time.

  • Olive oil

Olive oil is known to have many benefits for our daily needs. Besides used for cooking needs, olive oil is also very useful for clean floors and furniture made of wood. Olive oil will enter into the wood pores without destroying them. You do not have to worry that olive oil will become slippery on the surface of your floor because you also have to dry the floor the same as before. To make this homemade cleaner is very easy by dissolving 5-10 tablespoons of olive oil into 2 liters of hot water in a bucket (the dose depends on the area to be cleaned). Then dip the cloth and wring it out. Do the same steps as before. But before you wipe for the second time, let stand for a moment so that the olive oil seeps into the pores of the wood.

  • The Fruit Juice

In addition to the beverage, fruit can also be used as a cheap homemade wood floor cleaner. But not all the fruits we make as a cleaner. The fruits are oranges and lemons. Take two fresh lemons or oranges and wring them out. What we use is the juice. Then mix the juice with hot water. Wipe the solution using a microfiber cloth onto the cleaned wood floor.

  • Vinegar

To clean and polish wood floor using vinegar, you should dissolve two tablespoons of vinegar with 1 hot water. Although vinegar can be used to polish the wood, you must be careful to make the dosage because excessive vinegar can dry your wood floors. However, the use of vinegar can also create a stinging smell in your room. To disguise it, you can mix it with some orange juice or essential oil. In addition to the luster of the floor, a refreshing fragrance can also make you comfortable.


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