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Horizontal Blinds for a Sliding Glass Door

Horizontal Blinds for a Sliding Glass Door

Are you looking for horizontal blinds for a sliding glass door? The presence of blind is now in great demand and are beginning to shift the use of curtains. Many factors that cause it, such as blinds can give the illusion of the room appear higher and wider. Blind is also very suitable to be used as a sliding glass door cover on a modern minimalist-style occupancy. Among the many types of horizontal blinds, there are two types that you can consider. They are roman shades and roller blinds. Both of them do not have horizontal blades but the shape is equally horizontal when blinds are closed. Both of these blinds you can consider in addition to using horizontal blinds. Then what’s the difference between them? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both? Read below to know more.

Roller blinds are known as a sliding glass door fridge decoration commonly used in offices. However, because of its simple and elegant form, now many homeowners try to use it as a cover of their sliding glass door. Actually, the roller blinds function is the same as the horizontal blinds but the difference is the roller blinds cannot work properly close the sunlight coming in through the glass doors. This is because the design of roller blinds is usually semi-transparent. Unlike the horizontal blinds, which when the blades are closed, they will seal the sun’s rays. Roller blinds are very practical to treat. Homeowners only need to wipe it with a dry cloth or a low suction vacuum cleaner. A variety of attractive colors are available in black, light gray, turquoise, mint, white, etc. For those of you who are looking for roller blinds to maintain privacy, you can get blackout type (not translucent). Its thickness is able to block sunlight from outside and light from inside the house. Roller blinds will look very elegant if used on a beach house. But it can also be applied to residential in the city that the sliding glass door facing the sunset. The presence of semi-transparent roller blinds will provide an atmosphere of calm when the roller is lowered and sunset rays penetrate it.

Roman shades are one of the cover curtains for a sliding glass door made of horizontal fabric folds. Unlike the horizontal blinds, the roman shades are wider and fewer. When the romance shades are pulled, then the folds will overlap each other. The material commonly used to make roman shades is a cotton fabric that has motifs and bright colors, such as flowers and foliage. To operate roman shades is very easy. This type of blind is operated using a rail set (chain system or cord system) by manually or motorized drawn. In the manual system, the roman shades chain system is operated by pulling the chain on the right or the left side. Meanwhile, to open and close the roman shade with a cord system is to pull the nylon rope to open and close the fabric. Excess roman shade is its minimalist form but still can bring elegant nuance. Another plus is it has a variety of interesting motifs that can be tailored to the theme of your room. The fabric also varies from thin to thick. Because of these advantages, the roman shades are often chosen as an alternative to curtains. Roman shades suitable for use in the kitchen, living room, and also the bedroom. Of course, you should look for roman shades that match the furniture and interior design of the house to get beautiful and elegant results.


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