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Popular Colors to Paint Your Front Door

Popular Colors to Paint Your Front Door

The selection of beautiful colors for the front door is an effective way of increasing the attractiveness of a dwelling. The most important thing to enhance the attractive appearance of your home exterior design is to combine the right concepts and colors to create an eye-catching harmonization. Before you are going to decorate the front door of the house, there are at least 6 popular colors to paint your front door which each gives a different effect.

  • Black

It is one of the classic colors and is chosen by many urban homeowners for the front door of the house. This color gives the impression of dynamic, minimalist, simple, and elegant so that suitable applied to the house of contemporary, modern, and of course minimalist concept.

  • Red

The red color is striking but if you choose a red type that fits with your home design, then a beautiful and classy exterior that you will get. Actually, the prominent red color can be a special attraction especially if your exterior walls are covered by natural stone or brick-exposed design. If you are not too brave to try the red-fire color, try with apple-red or red-brick. For some people who believe in Feng Shui, they would prefer to use this color as the paint color for their front door. Red is believed to symbolize love, passion, and compassion. This beautiful color is also believed to bring good fortune for residents of the house.

  • Purple

Purple can be applied to contemporary style and minimalist dwelling. The beautiful purple and simple colors give a charming impression. This color is not always synonymous with children’s favorite colors so it is suitable to be the right choice for different front door look. In addition to painting the door with purple, the purple front door can be equipped with natural accessories such as wreath of green foliage.

  • Green

This is the color that gives the impression of freshness and beauty in one package. The use of green to paint your front door is getting popular and selected as the main option. To get the optimal look, you can add green plants around the door or hang wreaths of bright flowers to make the door look fresher and brighter. This green door will fit perfectly matching with white wooden walls. Choose pale green, seafoam or mint as these colors look fresh.

  • Blue

For those of you who like calm colors but not black, blue is the right choice. Blue displays beauty on the exterior of your home. There are many types of blue you can try to use sky and arctic for light blue. To get a heavy blue but not gloomy try the cobalt color. These colors will look nice when combined with white exterior walls.

  • Yellow

Another bright color that is popular is yellow. The yellow color represents joy, excitement, and energetic. It is very suitable to paint your front door to make it look fresher. The yellow color is perfect for a traditional and minimalist-modern dwelling. Yellow color can be the best choice to paint your front door especially if your house windows are black or white. Your home will be typical and very eye-catching.


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