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Summer Wreaths for Front Door to Make

Summer Wreaths for Front Door to Make

The wreath is a display of flowers and leaves hanging on the front door. This display is commonly used as decoration during the celebration of religious holidays such as Christmas and Easter. However, today wreath not only can be displayed at Christmas. Displaying and hanging wreath can actually be done anytime and for any celebration. Yes, the wreath can be used to enliven the summer. The materials used to make summer wreaths are certainly not the same for Christmas celebrations. One of the themes suitable for summer wreath is the beach theme. Hanging a wreath with a nautical theme can give you a fresh air like you are in a beach-style house. Here we share tips on summer wreaths for front door to make that you can try.

You can find the following items in a sewing kit or a handicraft shop. Materials you need to make summer wreath:

  • Weaving yarn 1-2 rolls. Choose colors that match the hallmark of nautical styles, such as blue or white.
  • A circular foam or Styrofoam. Find one that is round or if it is not available, then you have to shape it first.
  • Glue shot.
  • Scissor
  • White-metallic satin ribbon to hang the wreath.
  • 7-10 pieces of small starfish. These can be found in handicraft shops. However, if you already have your own collection that is obtained while on vacation to the beach, of course, it’s even better. It is up to your creations.

How to make:

  1. Prepare the foam/Styrofoam. Apply glue on the back to attach the weaving yarn tip. Make sure it is perfectly sealed so that the thread is not scattered during the scrolling process. Draw the yarn so that it covers the foam without giving a crack. Do continue until the entire surface of the foam is covered by the yarn. If the first thread runs out and the yarn on the foam does not look thick, then you can overlap it with the second yarn roll. Do it until the thread runs out and glue the edges using glue. Do it carefully so that the glue does not contaminate other yarns. Make sure all the yarn rolls are neat.
  2. You are done at the wrapper stage. Next, you must stick the beautiful starfishes onto it. Apply glue on the back of starfishes then paste. Make sure they are taped properly and let them dry out.
  3. If the wreath has completely dried, embed the satin ribbon on top that serves as a hanger. Now, your beach-style wreath is ready to be hung on the front door of your house.
  4. This wreath can also be hung on the fence of your home so as to strengthen the summer theme. Buying wreath available in stores or online stores does make it easier for you, but there’s nothing wrong if you make one yourself. In addition, you get a wreath that suits what you want; this activity can be useful to make you productive while you are in the holidays.


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