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Bamboo Flooring Environmental Benefits

Bamboo Flooring Environmental Benefits

In addition to hardwood flooring, bamboo materials are now widely used and selected by homeowners as an alternative to floor coverings. Moreover, the price of hardwood flooring is now more expensive. In addition, the use of the wood material is not environmentally friendly because it has the potential to cause more trees to be harvested for timber only. This is different from the bamboo material which is a type of plant that can grow easily and quickly so that the material is also more easily obtained. Bamboo only takes a short time of about 4-6 years to be ready to be harvested. Meanwhile, hardwood material takes longer about 10-20 years. The bamboo material is also as strong as the wood material. Even according to Janka Hardness Scale, bamboo gets about 1200-1400. Bamboo that will be used for home flooring should be 4 to 6 years old. At this time, bamboo is in its best time that it is not too young and also not too old so it is still flexible but in good shape.

Many people assume that bamboo material is more environmentally friendly than wood. Bamboo is rumored to absorb more carbon than wood, so it can help ward off climate change. In addition, wood that is often used as a floor media such as oak or maple takes a long time to grow into large and ready to be harvested. Imagine if the need for hardwood flooring is very large but the supply of wood is not sufficient. What could possibly happen to our forests? That is why bamboo is said to be more environmentally friendly because it only takes a shorter time to be ready to be harvested.

But, is it true that bamboo products are really environmentally friendly? It depends on the production process and the manufacturers. Actually, the use of formaldehyde substances that are widely used during the process of bamboo flooring has slightly reduced the eco-friendly side of the bamboo itself. This substance is suspected of having a role in the incidence of cancer for residents of the house. In addition, some researchers also found the fact that the rapid growth of bamboo sometimes involves synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

One thing you must consider is that when you want to buy bamboo products for flooring, you should make sure it is certified as an environmentally friendly product. If the bamboo floor is well maintained then its function and durability are similar to wood flooring. However, in fact, the bamboo floor cannot last long like hardwood flooring. However, this is not a bad thing if you do intend to contribute well to the creation of a good living environment. It is time to use environmentally friendly materials, right? Are you interested in applying bamboo flooring in your home?


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